A whole new meaning to GATA

So, a Milledgeville woman shoots at her parents after her father objected to her changing the television channel from the Georgia-Kentucky game and is arrested after chasing father, mother and child around while completely emptying the chamber, which led to this understated observation from Baldwin County sheriff’s Capt. Brad King:

“My understanding is they had been having some issues…”

‘Ya think?

I hope dad taped the game.



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27 responses to “A whole new meaning to GATA

  1. Gravidy



  2. Salty Dawg

    “it Just Means More.” Probably too much.

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  3. HiAltDawg

    Yeah, because whether the pistol was a magazine fed semi-auto or a revolver is the problem here.

    I’ve carried/handled/fired/built firearms the majority of my life and never needed to break off a round due to what’s on the television — except when I see Robert Goulet.


    • Crap another Robert Goulet hater….what’s next? hating on Slim Whitman.


    • The Dawg abides

      Goulet’s Big Monday college basketball promo on ESPN back in the day was pretty funny though:


    • Gravidy

      Who said it was the problem? I merely offered a correction to Bluto (who usually accepts them and promptly corrects the error).

      The problem is a 28 year old woman with four kids who is living on her parents’ dime and feels the need to shoot at them (including her mother who was holding her baby at the time) because she couldn’t watch what she wanted to watch on TV.

      I’ll be glad to talk about that all you want.


  4. Have you ever been to Milledgeville? That’s called a slow afternoon.


  5. Possibly a closet FU fan, just could not stand the pressure of UGA kicking another team that FU lost to………don’t believe they’ll be watching this weeks game at his house………GO DAWGS!

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  6. WarD Eagle

    Well, you guys wanted to be Alabama. It seems you’re there.



    • 92 grad

      Good try. Protecting the sanctity of a conference game time slot crosses every border, yours included (until whoever the pre season heisman winner bombs of course).


  7. Ben

    Sounds like she was just home for the weekend from the girls camp in Milledgeville.


  8. Hunkering Hank

    “Tambria Palmer, who is unemployed and living back with her parents….”

    Not any more.


  9. AdaWg

    Ahh, yes. My hometown keeping it classy.


  10. Macallanlover

    28 year old daughter with 4 kids under 10 move back in, and demands to control the only TV in the house just prior to a Top 10 matchup for the SEC East title. Damn. 1st thought: Should have bought that $120 hi-def Roku TV at WalMart so she could watch reality shows and music videos. 2nd thought: Did I lock the weapon in the gun case? Oh shit! What was that loud bang?

    Now that is a bad day. The day did get a lot better for that UGA fan, but unfortunately he didn’t get to see any of it. I do hope things get better for him, and those children.


  11. ChiliDawg

    Game must have been cutting into Tucker Carlson’s usual time slot.