Forget it, Jake. It’s Saban.

Man, this is borderline amoral.

Former Maryland head coach D.J. Durkin, fired in October after a lengthy investigation into the death of one of his players, has resurfaced at Alabama.

In his first foray back into football since his October firing, Durkin has been helping Alabama this past week in a consultant-like capacity, sources told It’s unclear at this point if Durkin could have a long-term role on Nick Saban’s Alabama staff though, according to sources.

You know Durkin wants long-term.  Working for Saban is the best way for a coach to sanitize his career.

Wonder if Sankey knows about it.


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32 responses to “Forget it, Jake. It’s Saban.

  1. David

    I hear there’s a new QC staffer on the way. Young kid named “Bart Riles”


  2. PatinDC

    Jeez. Does he have a hot line to these disgraced HC’s?
    A part of the process I can live without (Hello Kirby. Are you listening?


  3. Russ



  4. Russ

    And of course the Bammers sound just like the Ohio fans defending Corch.

    Durkin wasn’t found culpable by the BOR at Maryland, so nothing to see here, right? Just ignore the dead body.

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Kiffin Kancer

    It’s like he seeks out lowlifes.
    Can we pencil in Zach Smith? Or Jerry Sandusky if and when he gets out?


  6. Granthams replacement

    Saban needs to hire him so Kirby can remind recruits what happened under Durkin’s watch


    • J-DawG

      Exactly! These recruits today know what’s going on. Even if he’s under Saban’s heavy thumb kids don’t want any part of someone involved in a situation like that. If anything can hurt Bama’s recruiting, this will. Kirby should play it to the max.


  7. Spike

    College Coach Rehab Center..


  8. Mayor

    This is why Saban is Saban. He uses every advantage he can find including getting a former Power 5 HC on his staff for basically nothing.


  9. Jeff Sanchez

    Hey, remember when Saban took in Johnathan Taylor after we kicked him out?

    Neither does anyone else


  10. WTM

    Alabama is to disgraced former coaches as Auburn is to disgraced former players.


  11. Salty Dawg

    Durkin is a complete POS and shouldn’t be freely walking around, much less being around football players of any age. My distain for him is right up there with All barn. TN gets ALL the hate, ALL the time!


  12. Will Trane

    Let’s get this straight.
    How does Saban go about hiring coaches?
    Based on you guys comments, Saban has no character, will hire former disgraced coaches. low life coaches, immoral coaches, etc., Jones, Kiffin, Durking, McElwain, Pruitt, and wait,
    Wait by damn!!!
    So by association with the Bama head coach and the Bama program you condemn them all.
    Wait by damn!!
    Kirby Smart. Damn is Kirby a low life, a disgraced coach. How freaking damn far are you folks willing to constantly murder the character of people on this site.
    Damn disgraceful and childish!
    Only thing I care about Bama is how they continue to beat us in the final quarter in three important games.
    Keep this up and recruits may hear false whispers about Smart and his staff.


    • stoopnagle

      Just checking, but pretty sure Jordan McNair is still dead.

      Not sure when the last time anyone excused an 18-22 year old for killing someone for whom s/he is responsible. When you dig that up, let me know!


  13. Macallanlover

    Seems very odd, this group, who defends 2nd and 3rd chances for players because they are just “teenage babies/children” making a mistake, and just being boys, but coaches should not just be fired, and not to be rehired. And even cities and states who flagrantly break laws are actually applauded by some. Seems the usual two-faced BS to me, same old, same old to me. Be consistent guys. Do we crucify everyone for a slip? Do they get fired? Sent to the state house? Can they ever be employed again? I don’t know where the lines are anymore. I don’t want them on my sideline either, but do we have to be slack-jawed every time a coach gets hired after a scandal? Certainly can’t put a Scarlet A on their forehead, but should we put their pictures on post office walls? Put them on work gangs and condemn them to never making above minimum wage? I see an article on every hiring which follows some coach’s misstep, then comes the comments of outraged glass house guys who never violated a rule which became persona non grata decades later.


    • Doug

      I’m fine with second, and sometimes even third, chances. But I believe that those opportunities should be contingent upon, at the bare minimum, an admission of fault on the prospective rehab-ee’s part and a sincere vow to do better. I haven’t seen anything like that from any of the coaches implicated in Jordan McNair’s death. It’s one thing for a player to get a second chance after smoking some dope or breaking a team rule, but we’re talking about a kid dying in Durkin’s care. We should be talking about jail time for Durkin long before we start talking about how his career should get resurrected.

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      • Macallanlover

        No, we shouldn’t. He, and over 100 others used terrible, horrible, judgement in not calling 9-1-1 for help ASAP. He did not kill anyone, someone died. And my take on this, from what I have read and heard, is his biggest error was relying on a group of professionals on the S&C training/medical staff too much.

        And if you understand anything at all about the civil liability environment in this country you would understand why he has not been public with his comments. I suspect if you, or a member of your family, were in this exact situation, you would be very careful in what you said or did. I don’t know exactly what actions he took, but I am pretty confident with what advice he got from all around him. I can’t say that would work 100% with me, but I don’t know enough about everything he said/did in the aftermath to be as judgemental as you, but I doubt he needs to be locked up.


  14. HiAltDawg

    Look, Saban hired a guy that beat Texas twice to keep him from any (even informal talks) contact with Kirbs. Bama is in the position where they need to root against and try and create friction for UGA at every level. They KNOW when the Refs stop winning the game for them, they’re toast.


  15. Russ

    Sounds like Nick had to walk it back. “Sure, he’s visiting but that’s all. It’s not like I hired him or anything.”