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“They want to blueshirt me…”

Seth Emerson alerted me to a report in Dawgs247 that the coaches have asked John Rhys Plumlee to blueshirt.

“I would come in a couple months later in the summer. It is not a greyshirt. I would have to pay for the summer months, but once I arrive, my scholarship would start. It was kind of a surprise for me. So I am just thinking through it all.”

That’s more of interest to me as a roster management issue than a recruiting one.  Sounds like Kirby’s got a lot of balls in the air, maybe both with regard to the 85-scholarship total as well as at the quarterback position itself.  Wonder how this all shakes out…



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Peace in the valley

When you think about it, this is kind of remarkable in its own way.

Of course, a lot of that is the result of the absurd level of turnover the conference experienced last year.  Then again, if there’s any conference ready to start a trend of canning coaches after only one season on the job, you’d think it would be the SEC.


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“You create your own karma.”

You know, there is something almost poetic about a “where is he now?” piece on Craig James that still cites the alleged hookers’ deaths story as part of his legacy.


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“I love Auburn. I love being here.”

Gus wants you to know that while Auburn’s season may have sucked, his $32 million buyout contract still rocks.

Priorities, bitchez.


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