“We’re getting a big surge here at the end in some key areas.”

When it comes to accountability and the Georgia Way, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

University of Georgia president Jere Morehead presented a rosy picture of how Bulldog teams are faring to the athletic board of directors at its spring meeting Thursday morning.

He congratulated athletic director Greg McGarity for a “tremendous year of success,” on the field and and in fundraising.

Between the lines, that’s certainly the case for women’s tennis, which reached the NCAA finals last weekend, and the baseball team which is in position to host through the NCAA super regional round as it tries to reach the College World Series. Football reached the SEC championship for the second year in a row.

Morehead cited 17 of 21 sports competing in the NCAA postseason, but in another barometer Georgia is lagging as of now.

Georgia is 35th in the most recent NACDA Directors’ Cup, which ranked ninth in the SEC. The Bulldogs were 15th in the standings at this point a year ago in the all-sports measurement.

Ordinarily, I’d say to Jere that tremendous doesn’t mean what he thinks it means, but, screw it, all anybody really cares about is football, so, you go, Greg.


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  1. Greg

    “all anybody really cares about is football”

    true dat

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  2. Russ

    Saw a story yesterday about the (National Champion) track team and how they were set up to win national titles at the expense of SEC titles. They have less team members because the ones they have are mainly on full scholarships. The SEC meets allow larger teams and that increases the opportunity for points. So, while we won the national title last year, we finished in the bottom part of the SEC in our meets. Interesting, and I’m guessing that also skews our numbers a little bit.


    • Greg

      Yep, read that. Took a chance and it seems to have paid off, McGarity has to be ecstatic. Hope that does not give him ideas for our football team. Be more money on the bottom line. Players may want it…Lord only knows what will happen if we have to start giving it to them… :>)


  3. 9th in the SEC doesn’t even sound right! I wonder how much winning a championship in ANY sport would change that because it seems like the athletic program was pretty good. Obviously MBB wasn’t. Didn’t the swimming/diving and tennis teams do pretty well? I guess equestrian isn’t counted? Gymnastics?

    I’d like to know the formula because the schools that had great BB success weren’t nearly as good in FB and other sports.

    Admittedly, I haven’t kept up too closely but 9th doesn’t seem right. No, I’m not sticking up for McGarity.


  4. Argondawg

    I do not see any reason we can’t be excellent in all of the major sports. Football, M and W Basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and gymnastics, swimming and tennis. I am sure everything is viewed through the lens of football as it is the cash cow that can fund it all. We seem to be fine with less than mediocrity in most sports. I moved back to Athens 10 years ago after being a way for decades and lover living and working here. It would be even better if our sports teams were more competitive. I have enjoyed watching the baseball team this year. Softball is still fun to go to but they really don’t care that they are middle of the pack in the conference. Gymnastics has such a storied tradition but you can just feel that something is missing when you walk into the Steg for a meet. Just writing this comment has me thinking about how you don’t really feel excellence in any sports arena on campus other than Sanford. That is disconcerting. How much do I owe you for the therapy session senator? Geez.


  5. Ricky McDurden

    All I have to say is that good basketball and baseball teams sure do seem to make the months between football seasons go by quicker. And for that reason if no other, we should all be enjoying what baseball is managing at the moment along with what Crean seems to be putting together.


  6. 81Dog

    Mcgarity probably isn’t the only one who’d consider the descent in the Directors Cup from top 5 in the Dooley era to 35th under his peerless leadership to be “a surge”, but it’s annoying he thinks we are dumb enough to applaud. Maybe he years for his days at Florida, surrounded by stupid fans who think “surging” is what Slingblade Danny is doing in football. Has SD come up with a Transfer Portal Totem yet? His players are jumping in there like someone is handing out cash prizes.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    If I understand the Academic Progress Rate (APR) calculation correctly, increased use of the transfer portal could potentially push some programs into penalties.

    Georgia is currently 13th out of 14 SEC teams in APR. So yeah, it is an issue to address in Athens.



    Do y’all believe we are getting our moneys worth? I do not.


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