College football’s new math

This is what you get when you combine not having to pay the hired help much and Nick Saban getting tired of students leaving games early:

Alabama has talked about the fan experience for games quite a bit since athletic director Greg Byrne arrived in Tuscaloosa a few years ago but the school is trying to take things to the next level in their upcoming renovation to their historic home of Bryant-Denny Stadium.

To that end, the school’s Board of Trustees approved a slate of updated plans on Friday to the venue according to the Birmingham Business Journal. While some of the changes are understandable, perhaps the biggest update that occurred this week was with the price tag — which is increasing from around $75 million to just under $93 million.

The entire project is set to begin after the upcoming season at home concludes and will hopefully be wrapped up by the time the 2020 campaign begins in August.

As previously noted, capacity is still on track to dip below the 100,000 mark but some of the changes the board approved included a different scoreboard setup, a host of suite upgrades and an entirely different look for the student section areas (out goes a terrace, in comes new “social spaces”).

Almost $100 million to be spent to reduce stadium seating and add suite upgrades.  You’d better get used to it, fans.  It’s the future.


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4 responses to “College football’s new math

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    It will still be the quietest 100k in all the land.


  2. The Georgia Way

    What is the points cutoff for the new “social spaces”? Asking for a friend.



  3. truck

    Just charge fans again if they try to leave early. #comingandgoing


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