All in all, not a bad effort

Found this posted on Instagram:

Screenshot_2019-06-14 Instagram post by DawgsOnTop • Jun 14, 2019 at 3 05am UTC

Check out those play action stats.  That’s what an effective ground game will do for an already good quarterback.



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9 responses to “All in all, not a bad effort

  1. But according to FU fans, alumni and players, Jake is just Mr. Slant.

    I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t take a single QB in the country over Jake Fromm.


  2. GruvenDawg

    I wonder if we will see more play action on early downs this year with Coley. If the ground game is firing on all cylinders play action is deadly.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I like these breakdowns. I wonder what the play action stats would be when we used a FB, like with Payne in 2017. Also wonder how effective we are with 2 TE sets vs. the FB sets.


  4. Mayor

    You know, if you look at the QBs we have had the last 20 or so years in Athens we have been pretty damn good at that position. David Greene. Matt Stafford. Aaron Murray. Jake Fromm. (I think we might want to include Jacob Eason in that list too after he gets picked in the first round of a future NFL draft). The place has become QUarterback U.