The sure thing

I watched some of the Kentucky-Toledo game a couple of weeks ago and heard the announcers discuss Ahmad Wagner, a converted basketball player who’s 6-6 and now playing wide receiver for the ‘Cats.  He’s obviously a good athlete, but the reason I paid attention was because of the absurd stats he’s compiled in a short time as a football player.

How absurd, you ask?  This absurd ($$):

Since making the move to football, he has been targeted 14 times as a wide receiver. He’s produced a positive outcome 13 times: seven pass interference flags and six catches for 128 yards (21.3 ypc).

He is obviously a nightmare in coverage and Florida’s missing its top cornerback this week.  So what would you do?

“Shit,” assistant coach Vince Marrow says, “I know what I’d be doing if I’m Sawyer Smith trying to get comfortable back there: Throw it to that guy. Something good always happens. I’ve never seen anything like it.”


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17 responses to “The sure thing

  1. Mick Jagger

    Can he portal over to us?


  2. TSlick

    From Vince Morrow’s lips to God’s ears I hope


  3. DavetheDawg

    Maybe Eddie Gran really is a genius.


  4. Mayor

    Please let Sawyer Smith and ole Ahmad shred the Gator secondary and lead to a Cat’s win—that’s all I ask.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sounds like he’s due for some reversion to the mean.


  6. Busta

    And then the Gatas find a way to lose to Rickety Top


  7. Russ

    I would like nothing more than to see Kentucky start a FB streak against the Gators. #FTMF

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  8. practicaldawg

    I think UF pulls out an ugly win. Lots of turnovers. The bigger story will be how bad Franks looks and how that ripples through the rest of the season.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    What the hell has taken Kentucky so long to figure out how to take a bb player and deploy him for football? When will Duke and Kansas catch on? I’ll be disappointed if ol Les Miles isn’t sweet-talking some 6-11 power forward to come play a little “catch” on Saturday’s with his QB.


    • JCDawg83

      I don’t imagine there are many basketball players who are anxious to risk their knees and the rest of their bodies being tackled when they don’t have to. Also, what do they do in November when basketball practice and season rolls around?


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        I don’t know the particulars on this guy, but wasn’t Javon Wims a Basketballer first? Then decided to give football chance. Maybe Ahmad liked to set picks and block out, but wasn’t as good as he needed to be at that. Jes’ sayin’ it’s possible. Seems like about half of his positive outcomes involved some contact.


  10. ChiliDawg

    IDK why I have to continue to argue with you guys that Kentucky is the 2nd best team in the East. Last year wasn’t a fluke.