Kirby’s work here is done.

The Georgia Tech trolling has worked so well that he’s managed to offend Tennessee’s Assistant Director of Player Personnel in the process.

Well played, Kirbs.

I wonder if these guys are stupid enough to try using this against Georgia on the recruiting trail.  Probably.


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24 responses to “Kirby’s work here is done.

  1. What a bunch of dumb@$$es. I guess these folks don’t understand this was a receiving spot in College Park for out-of-town recruits flying into and out of Atlanta.


  2. Chi-town Dawg

    If my last name was “Stiff”, don’t think I’d want a Twitter account and I certainly wouldn’t tweet from it.


  3. practicaldawg

    Put the bait in their mouth
    Set hook


  4. Doug

    OK, our bad, Coach Stiff. UGA is in Athens, it’s Georgia State that’s in Atlanta. You remember who they are, right?

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  5. DawgPhan

    Next he can post a map from Athens to Knoxville, because we run that place as well. Maybe Auburn can do one for the plains, we own that spot also.

    Jacksonville? We own that. We could do a whole series of 1 tank trips where the Dawgs run things.


  6. Duronimo

    When Atlanta got big enough, the folks who own the Varsity in Athens, put one there. After a while the Nerds noticed it and embraced the menu as a viable nutritional option to Ramen noodles cooked in their rooms. Atlanta History 101. What stiff doesn’t know this?


  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    UT coach posts map of Atlanta, OL immediately transfers to tech. Nice work!


  8. UGA '97

    yep any pr is good pr, especially whe 1 program trys to meddle among 2 others out of state like an ankle biter.


  9. Otto

    BTW, Ga State, Ga, Southern, UGA and even Marietta High School are going to Bowls.

    But, you know who isn’t? GT.

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  10. Uglydawg

    Since Stiff is so adept at illustrating distances, maybe he will draw a map so we can see how far he had to swim to hit that bait.
    When Kirby trolls UT outright he’s going to need a bigger net.


  11. McTyre

    Dawgs playing more games in Atlanta than is Tech over a 4-game stretch: @Tech, SECCG and 2020 opener versus UVA.


  12. PTC DAWG

    We run this state.


  13. William J Ferguson

    Kirb’s work is not done – see how many 3 stars we are offering now at the last minute? His Offensive play calling is turning these kids off? Remember spring training and how we were ging to use the tight ends? We lost 2 five stars over this.


  14. Next man up at LT. Good luck, Andrew. I wonder if he’s planning to go to New Orleans with the team.


    • Macallanlover

      I appreciate all that Andrew did since coming to Athens. He has been a solid performer from Day 1, and conducted himself well the entire time. I wish him well and respect the decision he is making. Hope he has a long profitable career at the next level, but it will never be s good as the times in Athens. That said, I think when a player leaves the team, they should not travel with the program. No one should get on the plane to N’awlins unless they are going to go dedicated 100% to bring back a victory. I think Kirby made a mistake last year by having players on the trip that were just chilling, can not send the right signal to the player who are supposed to be focused on their role and the opponent. Team only business trip.