Working from the Jeff Long playbook

I don’t understand why, given how badly the Beaty buyout kerfuffle turned out, but South Florida’s athletic brain trust seems bound and determined to give the same approach a whirl.

South Florida is interviewing former assistant coaches to see if former Bulls head coach Charlie Strong knowingly permitted any analysts or quality control personnel to conduct impermissible hands-on coaching, multiple sources told FootballScoop.

Sources said NCAA representatives joined USF compliance staffers in the interviews with former Bulls coaches.

The sources felt South Florida is engaging in an after-the-fact attempt to get out from under Strong’s contractually-obligated buyout in order to help with a coronavirus-induced budget crunch.

Strong was fired without cause in December after posting a 4-8 record in the 2019 season. He has since taken a defensive analyst position at Alabama.

The sources said South Florida has spoken with former assistants on both sides of the ball in an attempt to acquire damning testimony against the Bulls’ former head coach…

As with all coaching contracts, the terms of Strong’s deal gave USF the ability to terminate his contract “for cause” in the event of any NCAA violations…

Opening yourself up to an NCAA investigation to get rid of a buyout seems like a really stupid self-own, but, hey, an AD’s gotta do what an AD’s gotta do.

Oh, yeah.  There’s a punchline — with these guys, there’s always a punchline.

What is peculiar is that multiple sources said South Florida AD Michael Kelly and USF compliance staffers regularly attended multiple practices per week, meaning any possible violations would have been clearly visible to all at the time.

That’s gonna be an awfully narrow needle hole to thread, my dudes.  Knock yourselves out.


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7 responses to “Working from the Jeff Long playbook

  1. Maybe I am a simpleton but the fact that 7 months after the firing USF is looking for “cause” for the firing is ipso facto proof that the firing decision was not based upon cause.
    Looked at another way, if USF finds no violations then does it contend it is contractually liable to reinstate Strong as head coach?


    • Tom Frame

      He was fired without cause. If a cause were to exist, it wouldn’t require reinstatement to his coaching position.


  2. So Saban has both Booch and Charlie on the maintenance crew? On the Bulls and vowels dime?
    Well done, Nick.


    • stoopnagle

      Yeah, I don’t really care if USF can’t see the big picture; but being reminded that Charlie Strong is currently working on the Death Star’s Defenses does not a happy Friday make.


    • Macallanlover

      I think Sgt. Carter makes about $30K at Bama so that is the only savings TN gets from its obligation. I would be surprised if Strong’s salary and contract weren’t similar. This is a steal for Saban, imo, if he can keep them productive and not disruptive. Like or respect them, or not, but he gets their name recognition, recruiting contacts, and analysis/ideas for what is virtually tip money.


  3. gastr1

    Copying what Kansas does is always a great strategy.

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  4. Russ

    Strong at Bama isn’t something I like reading.