Plan? What plan?

I honestly feel for Greg McGarity here.

Meanwhile, the SEC and Big 12, the other two conferences that make up what’s known as the Power 5, want to hold off as long as possible before making a determination. They’re both known to favor sticking to their 12-game schedules as is, if at all possible. But their actions eventually may be dictated by other leagues’ decisions.

McGarity doesn’t have a sense either way. But he hopes there is some finality soon.

“I hope it’s imminent because we need to move on,” McGarity said.

I’d be frustrated, too.  But what can you do when you’ve got a commissioner saying something like this?

As the Power 5 conferences continue to navigate the return of fall sports amid the coronavirus pandemic, and more decisions could be made this week about what that might look like for college football, it’s plausible each league’s plan is ultimately different — and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told ESPN on Monday that can work.

“They can’t be incompatible,” Bowlsby said, “but they don’t have to be identical.”

Thanks for narrowing that down, Bob.

Translated from the original commissioner-ese, all that tells me is the suits are going to get some games in, come hell or high water, and worry about the consequences later.  That’s got to be a tremendous comfort for folks like McGarity, who get to face the impatience of their fan base while trying to make sense of a season.


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8 responses to “Plan? What plan?

  1. Got Cowdog

    Anything anyone tries ends up biting them on the ass. Look at MLB. You’ll have the same thing with CFB.
    There’s no way around Corona. They’ll (and the rest of us) have to deal with it until someone comes up with a vaccine or decides it’s really just not that dangerous.

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  2. ATL Dawg

    McGarity needs to communicate with his customers some sort of plan for the PSL fees (aka “donations”) and season ticket money that he collected back in February/March. The fact that he and his colleagues keep kicking the can down the road regarding what kind of schedule they hope to attempt to play this fall isn’t stopping him from doing this. He already knows that attendance to any games they might play will be severely limited at best. Season tickets are definitely not happening and they’ve known this for a while.

    Many other schools have been communicating with their customers over the last couple of months about what the options will be. All of them involve an option for a full refund of both PSL fees and ticket money. The Butts-Mehre Country Club needs to get with it and join those programs that have some respect for their customers.

    ** Note: The BMCC had posted a blurb on their money soliciting site (The Georgia Bulldog Club) back in the spring about refunds of PSL fees (aka “donations”) being an option if the season is cancelled. That blurb was removed once they had everyone’s season ticket money but it was still there for a period of time. So based on this and based on what every other school has communicated so far, I expect full refunds to be an option. They’re just trying to delay them as long as possible.


    • Debby Balcer

      They are making interest on our money so they are in no hurry to return It.


    • stoopnagle

      I had a good friend with F/S tickets ordered for this year when his wife got a great offer to move to Kentucky. They called about a refund for their season tickets and were told “sorry, the cards are being printed as we speak.”

      Georgia is chugging along like we’re going to have a season. So there’s that.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Hey, if it weren’t for ad hoc planning, we’d have no planning at all!


  4. stoopnagle

    Man, literally no one wants to beat this public health crisis, do they? We could make some choices right now and have it under control in January, but we’re just going to keep chugging along and dealing with this bullshit until next spring, eh?

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  5. I don’t care if the season looks nothing like normal, I just want the Georgia Bulldogs to play as much as possible and that it be televised in some form. If that means meeting Georgia Tech 6 times at Gwinnett High school with everybody driving their own car with their shoulder pads riding shotgun like peewee football…. so be it.

    Of course I’m slightly exaggerating, but that would be so oddly sad/hilarious that it would make for an interesting discussion in 30 years. Seriously, if we have to play only 8 games but then maybe get a few glorified scrimmages, maybe even with some walk-ons, against in-state foes…….who cares. Would UGA or Tech get booted from their conference if they played but it “didn’t count?” This whole year is a shitshow. Hell bring back a JV game. Recruit some high school heroes from the general student body if you need bodies.
    This could actually be so off-the-wall for one year that it could be interesting. But don’t do nothing just because we can’t make the whole thing normal.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I am no big fan of McGarity, but he really doesn’t have any choice about playing unless the other teams cooperate. The lack of decision making (isn’t that what the NCAA gets paid the big money for?) borders on criminality. That said, as others have noted, his handling of tickets, refunds and policies in that area is something he can control, and there are models out there (Michigan State comes to mind from this here board) that he can adapt. Or adopt, whichever works best.