Alex, I’ll take “nah”, for $200

Somebody had a question at The Athletic about the Portal Master™’s recruiting ($$) and I’m all here for the answer.

Despite Florida’s top-10-ish recruiting rankings every year, Dan Mullen seems unable to consistently recruit five-star players. Do you think the Gators can beat Georgia and Alabama simply through maintaining their high blue-chip ratio? Or do they need to improve their recruiting to compete? — Benjamin W. 

… The next issue is, what do you mean by “beat?” Like one time in a head-to-head matchup? Sure, Florida has enough talent to put together a good game plan and compete with Georgia and Alabama. College football games are close all the time. But that’s not what we’re talking about. When you’re a fan of Florida, you don’t just want to win one game and be the upset special of the week. You want to recruit well enough to be just like Alabama and Georgia.

So the long answer to your question is no.

So is the short answer.


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13 responses to “Alex, I’ll take “nah”, for $200

  1. dawgtired

    So many teams have proven that point over the years, including UGA. Too many pieces have to come together for a win, when you’re playing with inferior talent at most of the positions on the field. There is only so much that good coaching can over come. Got to have the Jimmys and Joes.


  2. practicaldawg

    Mullen isn’t going to change his recruiting style. The 2021 class is proof. He’s got an army of 3 stars coming in. That’s just his focus.


    • The low hanging fruit master will get the wins and an occasional recruiting class to make the slobbering media beg to hear him spew some crapolla about champion this or champion that in the spring, only to get rolled by UGA in the fall and swear the tighter the jorts the closer the gap and next year is…. blah, blah, blah…..#FTMF


  3. To focus on recruiting means less time in the boat or at the Creek Club. MuLLLet knows what’s most important to him.


  4. Ran A

    When you start asking questions like that, you are beginning to understand the new reality of the SEC.

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  5. William Potter

    Watching UF become UGA of the 2000’s is so delicious.

    FTMF-F (forever)

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    • 123fakest

      Pretty sure we won two SEC championships in the 2000s. I think you meant the 90s.

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      • willypmd

        Before my time, so I can’t really opine.

        Under Richt we routinely had top 10 but not elite classes that were good enough to get us close.

        We routinely over estimated our chances of beating UF under Meyer who was recruiting elite classes. We beat him once and then he proceeded to embarrass routinely

        What I was really thinking of was the pathos of the respective fanbases.

        I’ll take your word if you say the 90’s was more appropriate


  6. This article written by a UF fan is the one of the few where I’ve actually see them acknowledge what is clearly happening right now and this section (emphasis is mine) is chef’s kiss.

    On the other hand, Mullen has lost his first two Florida-Georgia games. And while Mullen has Florida climbing back up the college football polls, Georgia is still a space or three above.

    Wait a minute. Is Dan Mullen Florida’s Mark Richt?

    That thought is going to cost me an hour tonight. But that’s not to say the clock isn’t ticking on Smart, too.

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  7. Dawg19

    It must really get under the gator fans’ skin knowing that Muschamp has beaten Georgia two more times than Mullen with far less talent.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I, for one, have no problems with Mullen’s recruiting. Furthermore, his ability to run-off recruits after he does sign them is unmatched in cfb.

    fu fans should return to watching their simulated games and learn to appreciate Mullen’s roster management.

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  9. Mayor

    If FU got a top QB they could compete and win occasionally. QB is the key. Track isn’t it.