TFW you can’t find a Waffle House

You’re at Georgia Tech!  You can do that!

Members of the Georgia Tech equipment staff were spotted at Jimmy John’s restaurant off Carrier Circle Friday night.

Being from Georgia, a state on the New York travel advisory list, they’re supposed to follow strict health and safety protocols, which includes quarantining at the team hotel.

NewsChannel 9 reached out to Georgia Tech, and the assistant athletic director got back to us, saying the people at Jimmy John’s were members of the football team’s equipment staff and, “were not going to make it back to the hotel in time for the team meal, so they had to stop at Jimmy John’s to pick up dinner.”

The spokesman says they went into the restaurant with masks on, picked up food and brought their meals back to the hotel.

(h/t Marc Weiszer)


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6 responses to “TFW you can’t find a Waffle House

  1. Russ

    Never forget that Tech lies and cheats.


    • Down Island Way

      Leave it to nerd football’s inner circle to break the laws in another state, then blame it on the caterer….despicable I tell ya…



    It deal…folks gotta eat..

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  3. DT

    This transcends football; it’s a state/region thing. They think all of us down here are stupid. It used to bother me a bunch until I learned how to use it to my advantage. It’s so much fun..!


  4. 123fakest

    Jimmy John’s is trash.