“*the guy in last lost his job”

I have this vision of Todd Monken trying to figure out a way to get Kirby to understand that constantly missing open receivers isn’t an efficient means of running an offense.  He may have found the angle that works.

“It (explosive offense) happens by execution, right? It happens by picking up blitzes and hitting open receivers,” Smart said. “It happens by blocking downfield and making explosive runs. We finally had an explosive run where we got on the perimeter and made some things happen.

“Explosive plays happen—well you can say they happen by lack of execution by the other team or by proper execution of your team. We’ve been really close on some explosives that we have missed or dropped. Those are things you have to hit and have to be accurate to do that.”

Smart said it doesn’t matter how much he talks about it, the players will ultimately be the ones to change the trend.

I can’t wish myself into an explosive offense, we have to work ourselves into that,” Smart said after the loss in Florida . “We’ve got to execute our offense and complete more passes, be more accurate.

“We’ve got to get guys open, but when we do we’ve got to hit them.”

There you go!  You don’t have to worry about explosive plays if your quarterback can’t hit an open receiver in the first place.


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3 responses to ““*the guy in last lost his job”

  1. mddawg

    Franks at 69%? Is that another exhibit in the case for Sam Pittman as SEC Coach of the Year?


  2. uga97

    HIT an open WR? How about just a QB who can FIND the open WR?
    Next, Get ball over the DLine.
    Then hit the open WR.
    Then WR CATCHes it, meaning don’t drop the ball.
    Next WR attemps to gain yards after catch.
    Let’s just get those fundamentals down first, then maybe progress downfield. (here’s looking at you Hankton)

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