“… but when our institution suffers…”

Oh, the humanity!


Yeah, prepping to seal-club Vandy while getting recruits in the house sounds like exactly the kind of thing Kirby Smart can’t handle.

Your concern is duly noted, Greg.


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6 responses to ““… but when our institution suffers…”

  1. originaluglydawg

    Just have enough players opt out that Georgia has to cancel the Dec. 19 reschedule.
    What’s good for the goose and all that.
    Or invite CMR to come and coach the game as a tribute and honor (make him “Coach Emeritus”…while Kirbs does recruiting.
    The game doesn’t mean a thing either way.


    • Anon

      I want to watch a football game. So play all we can. It will be over soon and our options will be NBA and ??? So let’s play all we can. Even the bowl games. Love to see the team get a few more weeks of practice in for the young guys.

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  2. argondawg

    Senator. When you say get recruits in the house what exactly do you mean?NCAA is still not allowing official visits from anyone at our level. All of this is remote. Kids can visit but they can’t meet with coaches etc. I think it has been pretty unfair to the kids that will be signing not being able to get the full tour and have face to face contact wwith support staff etc. I can’t imagine how they make an informed decision just walkiing around the campus.


  3. F*** McGarity in the bu** with an ungreased chainsaw.

    He has presided over the annihilation of every sports program at UGA.

    He is a useless, walking excel spreadsheet who lies constantly, provides ZERO leadership (he’s actually UNinspiring), absolutely sucks at dealing with press, is the NCAA’s bent over butt boy, never stands up for our players or our University.

    Thank god this scrub is on the way out.

    I’d rather have an AD draping red panties around the gear shift of his car than the useless McGarity.

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