Towel man

Man, this guy was annoying last night.

Then, again, I have to admit I was impressed with his energy.  He did have a lot to run and wave about.



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18 responses to “Towel man

  1. mp

    He’s their strength and conditioning coach, as it seems happens most often with the sideline hype men


  2. dawgtired7

    Nice showing by the gators. They made OU look better than all of the SEC, including Bama.


  3. gotthepicture

    As dickish as Mullen is, I’m surprised he didn’t alert the refs to warn OU about a sideline violation.


    • akascuba

      Your assuming he didnt. Im never going to assume he would pass up a chance to show what a classless guy he his. Wonder what the Ole Ball Sack had as post game gift for Mullen.


    • Russ

      He bitched about a pick on an early OU touchdown, something he knows well.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Everybody has at least one crazy fanatic.


  5. akascuba

    Normally I would not waste my time to watch a game like that. I did not have any problem staying awake enjoying every score. Im not really worried about the SEC looking bad at the expense of FU. It was nice to see FU play with a depleted roster like we had after the UK game and our starting QB go out on late hit leading 14-0.
    I think tomorrow we
    ll show who is the best team is the East.

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  6. bulldogbry

    Man, I read the title of this post and thought you were gonna bash Grantham some more.

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  7. HirsuteDawg

    If he did that after every big OU play his ass was slap wore out after the game. Their running game went through the gators like croton oil through a midget. It wasn’t a depleted receiving corps that cost Florida – Grantham’s defense looked helpless.

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  8. originaluglydawg

    The guy with the towel was trolling Grantham.

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  9. bigjohnson1992

    That was jadon haselwood. Starting water boy also.