Pincer movement

Okay, we’re Georgia fans, so it’s natural for us to write off last season as an anomaly and expect Florida to return to its recently natural place as the division runner up in 2021, but it looks like the Gators are taking shit from behind now, too.

You hear that? It’s a faint sound, but it’s there. That is the sound of the wheels falling off of Dan Mullen’s Florida football program.

Mullen has been successful on the field. The Gators are 30-9 since he became the head coach, including two New Year’s Six wins. In 2020 he had a Heisman Trophy finalist in Kyle Trask and a generational talent at tight end, Kyle Pitts, that will be one of the first ten picks in this year’s NFL Draft. Off the field, it’s been a different story. He isn’t lying with shark but he went on a bizarre “pack the stadium” rant after they fell to Texas A&M, he wore a Darth Vader costume to a postgame presser and his team’s brawl at halftime against Mizzou were all black eyes on the Gators’ brand, a point of pride for athletic director Scott Stricklin.

In addition to the off the field antics, they lost momentum on the field as soon as an LSU shoe was hurled through the air at The Swamp. Florida lost its final three games of the season, including a blowout loss in the Cotton Bowl while seemingly half the roster opted out of playing in the game.

You can see the momentum slipping on the recruiting trail too. Florida isn’t even the best recruiting team in the state, finishing behind Miami at No. 13 overall. To make amends for poor high school recruiting, Mullen has hit the portal hard. On Sunday, it hit back.

Arik Gilbert is arguably the most talented non-quarterback to ever enter the transfer portal. A five-star prospect just a year ago, 247 Sports ranked Gilbert as the best player available in the portal once he announced his intentions to leave LSU. On the final day of January, Gilbert committed to Florida. On the final day of February, he re-entered the transfer portal.

Harsh, but true.

It’s great news for Kentucky fans for multiple reasons. In the short term, a mismatch problem has been eliminated in the Wildcats’ Oct. 2 date with the Gators at Kroger Field. There’s no reason to completely short-sighted. There’s plenty of smoke around Mullen in Gainesville as he attempts to negotiate a contract extension with Florida brass not long after his name was floated for NFL coaching vacancies. This could turn into a fire at Florida, one the Wildcats can dance around to the top of the SEC East.

I don’t think he’s predicting UK wins the East, so much as he’s saying the ‘Cats could take the Gators’ place as Georgia’s main challenger to a division title.  Bold talk for a team that’s only beaten Florida once in the last… well, it seems like forever.  Not that I mind so much.

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30 responses to “Pincer movement

  1. Biggen

    UK averages about 5 losses a year. Why would this year be any different?


    • theotherdoug

      The division is weak. If UK can manage their OOC schedule and UF is down, then it’s very likely they end up the second best team in the East. Mizzou would be their main challenger.

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  2. mg4life0331

    Ah, Dave Chappelle memes. Love it.

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  3. Godawg

    Can Knoxville please loan Gainesville one of its dumpsters and a couple of tires?

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  4. Ran A

    Team I’m watching is Missouri… I think he is a couple of years away, but like what they are doing out West. Time to make that move – Auburn for Mizzou


  5. armydawg

    UF doesn’t want to get caught in the buyout trap so I doubt Dopey will get an extension. This may be his last season if the numbers fall the wrong way. Can’t even begin to imagine who the replacement would be.


  6. barneydawg

    I wonder if the Kentucky folk still believe that Eddie Gran really turned down the UGA offensive coordinator position?

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  7. A lot to like here. Love the pincer movement analogy. You’re en feugo this week, Bluto…

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  8. practicaldawg

    If Dan Mullen can’t win Talking Season, what’s left?


    • Dan Mullen seemed quaint when you only had to pay attention once every four years when Miss State was loaded with five-year seniors. Listening to him every year he sounds more like a guy that should have remained a coordinator. As a CEO, he makes a great AVP.

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  9. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Shit is getting real up at Lake Oconee, cabin #9.

    “I’m Rick James bitch!”

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    it’s awesome that Kentucky fans are talking shit about Sideshow Dan the Clown and Floriduh.

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  11. UK going wild was hilarious that one time.

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  12. Texas Dawg

    After the Senator posted a link to one of the ‘turd boards on 24/7 I decided to peruse several other threads on there. The results? The ‘turd nation is not overly optimistic about where The Portal Master can take them. The loss of Gilbert along with a couple of recent commitments that did not do their way further soured them on Dopey Dan’s recruiting ability. They see him as a high floor low ceiling kind of guy. They will always be pretty good but never elite (sound familiar). As others have mentioned, it is us from the ’90s. They are afraid of what they have but even more afraid to let go of it. Oh and another thing, They are blaming their troubles on their SUPERIOR ACADEMICS keeping many 5 stars from enrolling. Not only are they sounding like us in the ’90s but they are adding a touch of the TECH arrogance. They claim to be recruiting from a different pool than all the rest of us because of their “superior academic standards”. If you get depressed, read some of their fan boards and it will immediately cheer you right up. It is so much fun to watch a northern dumpster fire burning and a southern dumpster fire starting to flare up.

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  13. originaluglydawg

    UK had UF’s ass beat at least one other time until the Striped Calvary came riding to the rescue.

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  14. stoopnagle

    ‘member that time the SEC East Championship Game was in Lexington?

    Yeah. Good times.