Rules are made to be tweaked.

The NCAA Football Rules Committee is pondering a couple of changes.

The first concerns overtime.

If the NCAA Football Rules Committee gets its wish, college football teams will be required to run two-point plays after scoring a touchdown in the second overtime — and would run nothing but alternating two-point plays if the game goes three overtimes or longer.

Under the proposed rules changes that would take effect this season, teams would no longer start offensive possessions at an opponent’s 25-yard line after the second overtime.

Currently, teams are required to run two-point plays after a touchdown if a game reaches three overtimes and would then run alternating two-point plays once a game reaches the fifth overtime.

Stanford coach David Shaw, chairman of the NCAA Football Rules Committee, told ESPN on Friday that the proposed rules changes are designed to shorten games and limit the number of plays from scrimmage to protect players’ health.

Had that been in place at the time, it sure would have put a damper on the finish to Georgia’s Rose Bowl.

Rule change #2 also involves player safety… in a way.

Shaw said the NCAA Football Rules Committee also has proposed introducing a postgame mechanism that would allow teams to submit video evidence if it feels an opponent was feigning injuries to stop the clock or slow down a team’s momentum.

“This was the biggest discussion we’ve had [on feigning injuries] since I joined the rules committee,” Shaw said. “It’s tough. What we’re talking about is ethical conduct and unethical conduct by coaches trying to influence the game. It’s hard to put on the officials and it’s hard to put something in play for that small percentage of unscrupulous coaches without punishing everybody else.”

Under the committee’s proposal, the video would be reviewed by someone such as the national coordinator of officials.

And then what?  The coach gets a stern talking to by Steve Shaw?  The horse is long gone out of the barn by then, anyway.


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  1. debbybalcer

    Why does taking a kicker out of the game make it safer?

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    • Think they just mean it’ll shorten the game. Less plays = less injury (their words). And, if we aren’t defaulting the extra points, ability to break the tie more quickly. *Not saying I agree…by any means!


    • TN Dawg

      I agree, it’s kind of stupid.

      They should use the NFL solution and move the PAT back to a 39 yard effort.

      At college, that would definitely be a game-changer.

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  2. Biggen

    “And then what?” Exactly. What does it matter at that point since the game is in the record books by then?

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    • Although…I feel like having David Shaw come down on me would be like the time my sweet grandmother finally brought the hammer down with, “I’m disappointed.” It hurt a lot more than a whipping from dad…but, alas, I’d be ok as long as I won. (Still feel more than a bit stung, tho…)


  3. Both of these proposals are stupid. If you really want to shorten the game to reduce the chance of injuries, why have overtime at all? What’s wrong with bringing back ties? That would be a more honest outcome than arbitrarily deciding a winner based on who can more consistently pull off one single offensive play out of the millions of plays you could possibly call.

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  4. More important issue: #TylerSimmonsWasOnSide
    Curious…why can’t we fix something that is so simple to change and crosses no lines as far as subjective calls:
    Further replay ability (from booth) on special teams plays, at least to a certain extent. They flip games…and graves.

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    • dawg100

      I was just thinking if that play earlier. Imagine the change to Kirby’s legacy to date if that call is not absolutely blown.


      • silvercreekdawg

        I’m going to keep saying this until everyone gets it. The Tyler Simmons punt block onside/offside is irrelevant. Bama false started on the punt and it should have been blown dead before the snap.

        The more egregious referee mistake in that game was on the 4th down TD Bama scored in the 4th quarter. The RB at the bottom of the formation absolutely left well before the snap and it wasn’t flagged. If that penalty is correctly called, it becomes 4th and 9 and Saban likely doesn’t go for it in that circumstance.

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        • ASEF

          We laugh at bad officiating when it burns 13 teams in the conference and then get mad as hell when it’s our turn.

          Conference officials will start to take note when Georgia fans (and Bama, and Gator, and Vols) get mad at bad officiating, period. The crew in this case was B1G, so they’d have to face some similar fan accountability on their end.

          It blows me away what conferences get away with in officiating administration. Got a rich guy with no officiating experience hanging out in your replay booth and overruling replay officials? Whoops! How’d that happen?! Moving on to next week…


        • This is all correct


          • Down Island Way

            Pro refs/rookie refs, 50 year veteran refs they all can and will at some time, with frequency, fuck it up…trust me, it’s not calls against UGA (pick a sport), when calls are just obviously missed or even imagined, period, that is what gives the whole process stink butt, plus way tooooo many rules….


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    All of this is fucking terrible. Keep the OT rules as they are.

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    • Agreed. I don’t like the NFL model anymore than ours, esp for a team that benefits from our ability to play defense on a shorter field…but the only real change to consider is going more towards that NFL, NBA, MLB, FIFA direction…not further tinkering with a far-from-legit microcosm of the game to be such an important decider. The two point back-in-forth would be the equivalent of a shootout…which is really just a way to force teams from playing passively in the other Futbol.

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  6. I hate the current overtime rule and the proposed change to the current overtime rule. I would rather go back to the days of the tie or go to a version of the NFL’s overtime rule. Special teams and field position are an important part of the game and other than the field goal team are eliminated from OT.

    What’s the punishment on the team who fakes an injury? A 15-yard penalty to start the next game?

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  7. TN Dawg

    Of course no one has mentioned the safest option for players and shortening games.

    Go back to having ties.

    I’m fine with ties. We had them for….basically….ever.

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    • But then what would we use to make fun of soccer?
      Violence of game- eh…
      Diving/faking Injury…naw dawg.
      Ties and overall corruption…F!!!!!!!
      We’ve even “Euro’d!”


  8. The fake injury rule has some merit. On field officials in real time can’t always see what’s happening between the sidelines and the field, so later video review puts coaching staff on notice. But enforcement has to have some teeth…suspension for a half just like other unsportsmanlike conduct violations…for both the player and HC. This is about the integrity of the game and should be given all serious consideration. Of course some will still instruct players how to flop, but this would stop the practice from growing.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      Respectfully disagree about the rule having merit. There is no penalty and no teeth in the rule. Think about it – coaches cheat whenever they can, they get bajillions of dollars in salary for winning, and you think they are going to be shamed? You think Dan Mullen would be embarrassed, even a little, if this called, but his team won? Lane Kiffin? Dabo Swinney? Actually, let’s just try to name the coaches that might be shamed – I got nothing there.

      Shaw is right that they shouldn’t put too much interpretation on officials, and that the players safety is the primary concern. So, make it simple. If a player gets up, and then hits the ground without contact he has to leave until the current series is over or until the medical staff clears him to return whichever is later. It’s very similar to the rule where if a player’s helmet comes off he has to leave, which we have no problem with at all. Simple rule, no problem interpreting, and it protects the player. Tell me what is wrong with it.

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  9. ben

    Ah, yes. The old, “let’s play 60 minutes to a potential stalemate and then play a completely different game afterward.”

    If they were going to take anything from soccer, I’d prefer relegation.

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  10. ASEF

    There’s really nothing you can do on the fake injury front. Officiating Review Board decides a coach is gaming the system, team medical staff submits affidavits explaining why a kid went down and how they fixed it….

    You can’t shame Lane Kiffin. Or most of his peers. If they spot that the opposing offense has locked in a personnel advantage and isn’t allowing substitution via pace, that guy is coming off the field with an “injury.” Not sure how many plays you’d have to make him sit out to flip the risk/reward of that, given they wanted him off the field anyway.

    Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. The rules on offensive substitution have been tweaked a bit to be fairer, so you don’t see the fake injury thing as often, and defenses still get burned with “too many men on the field” penalties despite the fact it’s a 300 pound guy 3 feet from the sideline moving at full speed off the field.

    Offenses have so many structural advantages already right now. If the rules committee wants to eliminate fake injuries, then allow defenses to make a substitution.

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  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Anyone convicted of flopping will be executed at dawn, without a cigarette!

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  12. Russ

    “Injured” player sits out until a change of possession. Easy peasy.

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  13. OK, I’m confused. If teams don’t get the ball on the 25, after the 2nd OT, where do they get it?

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    • Gaskilldawg

      The rule would be that the teams get the ball on the 2 yard line and run one play. The score would count 2 points.


  14. akascuba

    Any rule geared toward stopping players from faking injury will fail. Coaches will just insert walk ones for a single play or other expendable to flop. It’s just not possible for officials to determine in real time fake injuries.

    After each tie I would move the next starting possession back 10 yards. You would quickly start out of field goal range. Resulting in more coaches going for the 2 point win now or lose option. Either way shorter OT games.
    I do agree the games like the LSU Texas death brawl need to be avoided for player safety no matter how much fun it was to watch.

    With someone from the PAC 12 leading the way what could go wrong.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Teams fake an injury to create an opportunity to substitute or to stop the clock. If a team runs a walk on during a timeout the defense has already had the clock stoppage and doesn’t need an injury stoppage. If the defense substitutes a walk on in between plays it has to run a play with a walk on defender on the field, which is the offense’s wet dream.
      I don’t think coaches are going to run out walk ons to fake injuries after the play is over.

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  15. Some as it ever was…

    “Games need to be shortened.”

    “OK, remove tv timeouts in between change of possessions.”

    “No, can’t do that, its all that over time”

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  16. originaluglydawg

    I wish Pat Dye was still around so we could get his take on ties.
    The word from Syracuse is that he loves them.
    IF you’re going to suspend a supposedly injured player, then the offense should get to pick what defensive player sits for the rest of the (not series) possession.
    Best solution is to ban field goals and kicked PATs in overtime.
    As far as the faked injury’s a problem..without much of a fair solution.
    If the injured player is really hurt, he’ll sit out on his own.
    This will stop it. There will be instances where kids are truly injured and a team gets unfairly punished, but it’s absolutely unfair the way it is now.


  17. gurkhadawg

    If a player is “injured” but is able to return to the game, make him wear a dress for the rest of the game for being such a pussy.

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  18. RangerRuss

    Bill Stanfill approves.

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  19. munsonlarryfkajim

    Sorry – but how would this have impacted the rose bowl?


  20. Just start OT on the 40.