Today, in youth is wasted on the wrong people

Let’s check in and see how Derion Kendrick’s career reboot is progressing…

Former Clemson football player Derion Kendrick was arrested Friday morning on gun and drug charges, according to a report from The State. 

Kendrick, a senior cornerback who was kicked off the team by head coach Dabo Swinney in February, was found asleep in a car with a gun in his lap around 3 a.m. by Rock Hill police officers, court records obtained by The State showed. He also had a small amount of marijuana, which led to a simple possession charge.

The gun charge is considered a misdemeanor, and he was taken to the Rock Hill jail, where he appeared in court and was later released on a personal recognizance bond.

Gun and drug charges, eh?  Well, at least he didn’t have a domestic assault charge thrown in.

I would assume this means Athens’ interest in Kendrick has significantly cooled.  I’m sure there are still places who want to help a good young man straighten out his life, though.


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27 responses to “Today, in youth is wasted on the wrong people

  1. He’ll probably be on the field when we travel to Greater Opelika.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Yeah, he’s Auburn or LSU-bound now for sure.

    Or UCF. Forgot who their coach is now for a second.

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  3. unionjackgin

    But it doesn’t sound malicious – to me it sounds like a young man in need of therapy.

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    • dawg100

      I’m sorry, the man found some drugs in the street on the way to the shooting range and while waiting to turn it in after a prayer night at Ben Watsons dad’s church in Rock Hill, fell asleep.

      I say whover hasn’t passed out with drugs and a gun in his lap on the way to the authorities should cast the first stone!

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      • ASEF

        Chose to sleep it off rather than risk a DUI, had his gun in his lap in case things got weird.

        I had a lot of friends do the same in college. Biggest difference was the police usually nodded knowingly and let them go back to sleep or told them where to relocate so they stopped getting calls from an alarmed old lady up the street.

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        • Ray S

          I slept off alcohol in a car many nights in college. Better than getting a DUI or risk hurting myself or someone else. It’s definitely the responsible decision. But if I had a weapon I made sure that it was in a location to minimize accidental discharge. Strange things happen when I’m asleep sober and especially if I’m under the influence if something….just my personal opinion. Plus, I would be afraid that someone would look in and see the gun while I’m asleep and think they could break the window and grab it before I reacted or they could be with a friend that had a gun pointed on me and tap the window to wake me and show I was in no position to react then rob me of everything. But that is me and most of the time I am risk adverse, especially after having kids. There is always a risk of being robbed when you sleep in your car. I understand him having a firearm. I also understand police concerns, but more from HIS safety standpoint rather than a legal standpoint. Got a question though, they mentioned he didn’t have a CC permit but if his gun was on his lap, clearly visible and not concealed so why the ticket?

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        • Down Island Way

          Believe this wasn’t the transport port-o-let he was waiting for….

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      • unionjackgin

        To me it sounds like a young man who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. He didn’t have enough weed that would suggest he is selling. He was alone in the car which was parked near his girlfriend house at 3 am. He fell asleep with a gun on his lap.

        He just decided he needed a change of scenery rather than continue at Clemson. He had some other issues that the Clemson coaching staff has acknowledged.

        But sure let us all have a flippant attitude about it.

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  4. dawg100

    Damn. Just needed him for one opener.


  5. Anon

    Dabo’s Love Shack

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  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Can anybody remember whether he was more pushed or he jumped from the Lordly Dabo’s perfect program?


  7. RangerRuss

    Three sorry ass excuses for locking a man up.
    Weed, sleeping and a pistol.
    Sometimes I agree with NWA.

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  8. Terry McCullers

    Nope don’t need em want em and never had em!,


  9. akascuba

    So he was peacefully asleep with a gun in his lap on his way to turn in the weed he found when he was rudely awaken by the police.
    Such a familiar tale that could happy to any young man in need of a second chance or better lawyer.
    Opedlika, Orlando next stop or maybe Deion Sanders feels the need to mentor this misunderstood armed young man.

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  10. gurkhadawg

    Well, you never know. He may have had a good reason for keeping a gun in his lap. When I was a resident we would take call in our level 1 trauma center. When a young man with a gun shot wound would arrive, we would ask him what happened. ( if he was awake). Many times the story would be: “I was standing on the corner, minding my own business, when two dudes walked up and shot me”. That was the story so many times we had an acronym for it : SOCMOB. The History and Physical would begin: “ 19 yo BM SOCMOB when he sustained a GSW in the lower, right abdomen. If those “two dudes” were in the area, I don’t blame Derion for carrying. Those are some bad dudes.

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  11. akascuba

    Hard to argue with such a well reasoned line of thought. LOL

    I’m sure the innocent young man had just drove away from said GSW corner in self defense. His primary concern was for the safety of others as proven by his possession of a handgun. The gun was no doubt only there to protect others from the dangers of the drugs he was risking his life to get off the streets. Given time I’m sure he would have burned the drugs for the public good.

    Or so says his next coach.


  12. Teacher Martin



  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Happiness… is a warm gun.


  14. ericstrattonrushchairmandamngladtomeetyou

    So the charges get pled out to pretrial diversion and the kid transfers to a top school for 1 season—then to millions of $ in the NFL. We need DBs. He’s a top DB. Doesn’t DQ him from being a Dawg in my book.