Shamed, shamed, shamed

Athletic directors are still capable of being shamed?

Apparently so.  Who’da thunk it?

Of course, if you’re at Nebraska and a Husker god weighs in ($$)

Even the great Johnny Rodgers, the first Nebraska Heisman Trophy winner, star of the 1971 OU game and never an instigator, weighed in with a blast, telling the Associated Press, “If we’re going to start getting our reputation back, we’ve got to start beating and playing the best.”


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12 responses to “Shamed, shamed, shamed

  1. You know what? Good for them.

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  2. Russ

    Well, OU is in the midst of a 2 game losing streak to Kansas State, so I’d say Nebraska has a chance. A slim one.

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  3. mg4life0331

    I just wish public officials had the sack to say “You know what, we fucked up. Sorry.”

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  4. I think Russ must be my long-lost brother from another mother. We are simpatico, my friend.

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  5. If it was about money, why not first call OU and say “we need a bigger cut or we’re cancelling” to see if that would work? Do any AD’s have any business experience?

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  6. barneydawg

    I would like to see the return of (1)Texas -TX aTm, (2)Kansas-MIssouri and (3)Clemson vs any 2 ranked teams in the same regular season.

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  7. MGW

    Backing out like an entire institution of nothing but absolute cowards is far worse than a bad loss to a rival.


  8. akascuba

    I’m glad he has agreed to play the game no matter the reason it’s good for CF. Nebraska really has nothing to lose given how far their program has fallen. Like UT only their fans believe they still matter in CF.