Today, in as the roster turns

Or, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard

A look at the official roster on shows that seven of the eight new additions now have jersey numbers. The two most high-profile additions, Clemson transfer cornerback Derion Kendrick and LSU transfer wide receiver Arik Gilbert are among those players.

Kendrick will don the No. 11 on the defensive side. Redshirt freshman wideout Arian Smith wears that number on offense. Gilbert will use the No. 14, the same number worn by true freshman safety David Daniel on the defensive side.

Junior defensive back Tykee Smith, a transfer from West Virginia, will keep the same number he has worn the past two seasons. He’ll don the No. 23, the same one worn by walk-on wideout Jaylen Johnson on offense. Smith was the first of UGA’s transfer additions earlier this spring.

Alabama transfer defensive back Brandon Turnage isn’t yet listed on the official roster. Sources confirmed to Dawgs247 last week that Turnage had made his way to Athens.

Why do I have this nagging feeling there’s more to come on the transfer front?


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12 responses to “Today, in as the roster turns

  1. Where are we in terms of the scholarship cap? Are there any players currently in the portal that would be an upgrade over the current roster?

    There are a couple of DBs – Brini (who may feel slighted after what he did last year) and Speed (just hasn’t broken through) – who may look around. Zirkel may look for a landing spot since Pod seems to have grabbed the kicking job (and has the NLI agreement to go along with it). McIntosh or Edwards if either decides he has a chance to be a feature back immediately elsewhere.

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  2. I’ll take “Damn! I didn’t know it was gonna be THIS confusing” for 200, Savannah


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    It’s hard to know the players if you don’t have a roster. Could a player sue the school ( or company that schools agree with ) for not getting his NIL out there quick enough. Like the powers of the AD are hurting my contact with sponsors.
    Even here we have sort of been advertising the “breakout player of the year.” Speculation as to who’s gonna to do what is going to have a feel of come to Harrah’s Casino. Place your wager here.


  4. Teacher Martin

    More to come? In or out?


  5. argondawg

    More going out and coming in from what I’m hearing.