Homie don’t play that metrics game.

This JT Daniels answer should be right up some of y’all’s alley.

Q: Do you follow outlets such as Pro Football Focus that grade the different metrics of your game?

A: “I don’t follow any of that. I don’t know the metrics or what they measure. Everything I watch and analyze is based on me, the rest of the quarterbacks in the quarterback room, (offensive coordinator) Todd Monken and (head coach) Kirby Smart. What they say is something I will genuinely listen to, because they’re the only ones who actually know the system and actually know the context.

“You can make as many numbers as you want. It’s just difficult in this sport to understand how many moving pieces that there are if you’re not in those meeting rooms. I could watch an entire Ole Miss game, and I could not tell you if Matt Corral did everything perfect or if he didn’t do his job once based on what he’s taught to do by his coach.”

So there.


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18 responses to “Homie don’t play that metrics game.

  1. argondawg

    It is hard not to like this kid. Very direct and well spoken. I am not sure about Defensive Ends but reporters sure dont rattle him.

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  2. You have to like the cut of JT’s jib.

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  3. Faltering Memory

    UGA may or may not have the best qb in college football this year but he is the most level headed.

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  4. akascuba

    Sounds like he gets the main thing is the main thing approach.
    Best wishes for a healthy record setting season.

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  5. Holiday Inn Bagman

    4 out of 5 star quote. Deducted 1 star for not calling it rat poison.

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  6. JT is coming across as one of the more cerebral QBs we’ve had at UGA for sometime. So far he’s saying and doing all the right things.

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  7. ugafidelis

    My Lort you can tell he’s been spending a lot of time listening to Kirby talk lol.

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    • Down Island Way

      Did he just say he listens to Coach Monken 1st/more/only before Kirby Smart rolls in, is that what he said…cause CKS can talk arena football…


  8. paulwesterdawg

    That’s half of my point on the absurdity of PFF. The other half is the asinine belief that they have enough people or machines to do the analysis ….based on scheme rules they aren’t privy to. It’s bullshit front to back.


    • biggusrickus

      I think it’s possible, given access to a full view of every play, to deduce with a reasonable degree of confidence what the various responsibilities on a given play are, because everyone runs variations of the same stuff. There’s no way PFF is dedicating the required amount of time and manpower to their grading, though. Assuming they even have access to the video in the first place.

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  9. WH

    You can make as many numbers as you want. LOVE IT.

    If he leads the team to an SEC ‘ship, YCMAMNAYW might be the new FTMF.


  10. Scotty King

    Is “cut of one’s jib” this year’s “it is what it is”?

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  11. dawgphan34



  12. Cali hits different.