Doomed, I tells ‘ya

Seth Emerson, doing his best “remain calm, all is well” take:


UPDATE:  Well, this certainly blows.


UPDATE #2:  Argh.

A pair of Georgia players who were expected to be key contributors are expected to miss at least a few weeks after sustaining similar foot injuries in Tuesday’s practice. Trusted sources have told Dawgs247 that sophomore tight end Darnell Washington and junior defensive back Tykee Smith are out at least three weeks.

The Bulldogs begin the 2021 season in 18 days against Clemson, meaning that it is highly unlikely that either will be able to play in the opener. Persons with knowledge of the situation tell Dawgs247 that that both players could be week-to-week after that.

I guess that’s what everyone means when they say Kirby Smart can’t develop players.


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20 responses to “Doomed, I tells ‘ya

  1. sniffer

    If someone were to resurrect “Leonard’s Losers”, they’d make a fortune. Think of it, you get to go on the radio each week and tell everyone what’s wrong with the doomed teams and why they will lose. Actually, it’s a lot like today’s news reporting. Guess there are a lot more Leonards now than 50 years ago.

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    • amurraycuh

      Man I miss Leonards Losers. That show, waiting at the gate for my uncle to stuff a pint of bourbon in his sock, and the litter of peanut shells at my feet after the game are my favorite memories of in-person UGA football games.

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      • otto1980

        Growing up going to games, it was always a delight to find it on the radio which wasn’t easy. 6 to 8 of us in van riding in a van on a 2 lane road were always delighted when we could get it. I think in later years we picked up on a station out of S. Carolina. IF you read up his son tried to bring it back.

        Love how he calls Florida the waddlers.

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  2. Wish we could hear things like this from Kirby, instead of an unnamed “source close to the team.”

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  3. argondawg

    Getting dinged up in practice is pretty much everyone. They both tweeked ankles ankles. Neither are serious. Both should be fine for Clemson.

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  4. practicaldawg

    I’m good with “steel sharpens steel,” just not “steel destroys steel”

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    • Makes you wonder if there’s a point during practice in which it’s more beneficial to protect your star players than it is to go 110%.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I have never sharpened a knife against steel, and don’t know anyone that has. The sharpening steels that you get in knife sets are only for truing the edge and getting rid of and small nicks that may have happened the last time. Now get off my lawn. 🧐


  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I’m not worried about Washington because come on, it’s not like we actually throw to the TEs around here anyway. 🙄

    But Smith, man, if he can’t go for Clemson, we ARE doomed.

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  6. miltondawg

    August…the month that I anxiously wait each day to hear about some devastating injury before the opener.


  7. Biggen

    Rumor is both have broken something in a foot each. Can we ever get through a fall camp without a major injury?


  8. miltondawg

    Damn. This really blows. Guess we just have to hope they’ll be back for the Auburn, UK, and UF stretch. 3 to 4 weeks minimum. Dammit!


    • rigger92

      Like you said earlier, August is a month of waiting for bad news while we all get a steady diet of Kool Ade.


  9. towniedawg

    Holy shit, I’m Munsoning hard now….crap, crap, crap.


  10. Godawg



  11. Darin Cochran

    Man….you guys are letting your inner Munson come out in full force! I seen in a presser with Swinney, someone asked him about injuries. He said, paraphrasing, there’s too many to name all of them because we have so many dinged up right now, I’ll just mention the long-term ones.
    We’re getting worked up about nothing. Everyone has players get dinged up during the first couple of weeks of full contact. It’s normal.

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  12. D as in Dawg

    If I was demanding, news like this would really suck.