TFW you **really** don’t have time for that shit

I’d really love to be a fly on the wall when Nike meets with Alabama to inquire about spiffing up jerseys.


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  1. That should be everyone’s response. Oregon has the worst set of uniforms in college football.

    On Georgia, I REALLY wish we would go back to the traditional block lettering and numbering like what’s on the black jersey.

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  2. Opelikadawg

    I hate to say it, but I agree with Nick on this. If uniforms were so important to players, Oregon would have the number one recruiting class in the country every year.

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  3. This is why I can’t really hate Nick Saban. Focus on winning games and cut out the bullshit.

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  4. Saban is right. The worst thing Richt ever did was put our team in those hideous Power Ranger uniforms just so we could get our asses kicked on a national stage by Boise State. Even the staunchest Richt supporters can’t defend that one.

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  5. Funny, I always thought Alabama wore crimson at home?

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  6. RangerRuss

    There are more important things upon which to focus than what to wear and history supports the proposition that the side with the more extravagant uniforms tend to lose. But dammitman, throw a Dawg a bone occasionally. Black jerseys on Senior Night, red pants on certain away games. Much more than that is just clownish.

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  7. bucketheridge

    I agree with Saban generally. Alabama’s only uniform change that I’m aware of was a houndstooth helmet stripe. I don’t like the crazy uniforms and wish we still had the block numerals and all of that.

    But… while I think Oregon looks ridiculous, they found a gimmick and now have national recognition because of it. It’s not necessarily going to bring in flocks of recruits on its own, but the uniforms and all of the frills at least bring name recognition and may get a few more visits. For a team with little history to disregard, it wasn’t a bad move.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      I agree on Oregon. They invented the crazy uniform so its their identity. What annoys me are the Group of 5 teams that have followed that trend…. I’m sitting here thinking: “lack of brand recognition is what perpetually burdens your program, yet you change your uniforms every single week. Hell of an idea !”

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  8. stoopnagle

    I think it works for the Ducks.

    I don’t mind black shirts. I’d rather they not be overdone like the last iteration, but it looks good and it’s our color so I’m OK with it.

    Still don’t understand why K State can have shiny silver pants and we can’t.

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  9. archiecreek

    Famous Bear Bryant quote…
    “When you put on those RED jerseys, you’re too good to piss on the ground”

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  10. uga97

    Yep. Oregon can throw them all away soon once new b12 combo logo arrives


  11. boz864

    I remember being told by an Alabama fan that when Saban was hired, they told him he could have anything he needed and do anything he wanted with the program, except mess with the uniforms.


    • That doesn’t surprise me a bit. Ray Perkins messed with the uniform after replacing the Bear. It got his stint in Tuscaloosa off to a difficult start.

      I am surprised that every once in a while they don’t put a touch of houndstooth into their uniform (or to the coaches’ game day wardrobe).


  12. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    Sometimes I wish I was a booster with the kind of money to throw my weight around, T. Boone Pickens-style.

    I would walk into the AD’s office and demand that we go back to the normal college block numbers and that we wear our black jerseys (with no stupid dog collar!) only once per year: On Senior Day. That’s it. No bowl games or fake juice games, just on the last home game every year to honor the seniors. And I really hate those rounded fat numbers. They look so damn stupid.

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  13. 86bone

    Played a round of customer golf yesterday. Cart boy grabs one of my Hogan blades from my bag and said “WOW, those are old irons”! I said indeed they are young man, but always remember, it’s not about the club, it’s about what you can do with the club!

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  14. PTC DAWG

    All the while many of y’all are out buying the newest gear from fan sites…..


  15. pedropossum

    The only thing worse than Oregon’s uniforms is that god forsaken basketball court. It’s like watching basketball being played on top of an Esher painting with electric waves covering the canvas.


  16. Tony BarnFart

    I hate the patch creep on jerseys, particularly in bowl season. I wish we could have one damn game where it’s just a red jersey with block numbers and no patches on the front.

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