Monday ticket exchange

It’s that week.  You know the week I’m talking about.

Those of you who hate Jacksonville can move on to the next post.  Everybody else — you need tix, a parking pass, or both?  Or do you have extras to sell?  Share what you’ve got or need in the comments.  Don’t forget to be specific.


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18 responses to “Monday ticket exchange

  1. James Hickey

    Need 4 tickets (UGA side) and parking pass…



  2. bulldawg75

    Looking for 4 tickets and a parking pass to the Missouri Game. Thanks!


  3. Might have a singleton, Section 430 Row E, available, but I won’t know for sure until later today or tomorrow. If available, I’ll want $125 for it, or I’d swap it for a decent parking pass.


  4. Michael Flinn

    I have two Mizzou tickets section 104 row 21. Asking $200 each.


  5. Ben and nick north

    Any suggestions on parking this year? I’ll be traveling into Jax from Amelia. I’ll gladly purchase a pass provided its easy access. Suggestions are welcomed! Go Dawgs!


  6. Ben and nick north

    Senator – anything special happening down there this week we need to check out? We will arrive on Thursday at the Omni Plantation.


  7. Joel Davis

    I have 2 tickets available:
    Section 431 Row U
    $200 for the pair


  8. I’m looking for a Jacksonville parking pass. Ideas or have one for sale?


  9. Russ

    I just sucked it up and paid the TicketBastard charges. Ticket prices have been steadily dropping, though.


  10. raindawg722

    Long time reader, infrequent poster, on this amazing blog.

    Looking to take my boys, 8 and 12, to their first game between the hedges against Mizzou. I need 3 tickets and parking pass. Am I better off waiting until the week of the game  or should I go ahead and take care of it this week?



  11. LCUGA

    I have 2 WLOCP tickets for sale : Section 434, row BB, seats 23 & 24.


  12. Florida singleton, Section 430, Row E (I believe this is actually the 2nd row in that section). $100. Email & GO DAWGS!


  13. Gaskilldawg

    Four in section 437 (UGA section) $800 for the set.