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Thanks for the advice


Greg McElroy believes the decision is simply. Georgia coach Kirby Smart should stick with Stetson Bennett going forward, and not return back to JT Daniels, as Daniels recovers and returns from an oblique and lat injury…

“You can’t justify taking him out,” McElroy said. “I don’t care what anyone says, the guy has got the hot hand. So I know that JT Daniels maybe, even with his legs, how many different plays does Stetson Bennett make with his legs this past weekend. I don’t know. You know me, everyone who listens to this show, I am not one that thinks JT Daniels is the second coming of Peyton Manning. I think he’s a good solid player, I don’t think he’s a future top 5 pick. I’ve never thought that. I think he’s got a limited ceiling, and I think he’s very, very accurate on the underneath throws. However, I don’t think he’s this total game changer, take over the game.”


What really gets me here is that Kirby can’t win.  First he gets chewed up for not playing the talent (Fields) over the hot hand, now he’s being advised to do exactly what he was criticized for doing with Fromm.

Then again, maybe it’s worth taking McElroy with a giant grain of sand here.

McElroy disputed the narrative that Georgia’s offense got better when Daniels went in last season, but he said that wasn’t the case, the Bulldogs simply played against worst teams.


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You know you’re having a good season when…

Bill Connelly ($$) writes that your biggest flaw is that you haven’t had to score.

While quarterback Stetson Bennett IV has been fantastic filling in for and/or usurping starter JT Daniels — 69% completion rate, 95.2 Total QBR (first among passers with at least 50 dropbacks) and quite a few gorgeous play-action bombs — he hasn’t had to throw more than 21 passes in a game yet, and, incredibly, he’s thrown only 18 passes with Georgia ahead by less than 14 points[Emphasis added.]

That’s what covering double-digit spreads in the first quarter will do for a guy.

That Georgia has gotten this far without really needing a passing game is incredible, but we still don’t know what will happen when the Dawgs actually have to complete a pass in a close game.

Looking at the schedule, what’s your pick for when that happens?  (Or, dare I say it, if that happens?)


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What about Todd?

It will be a major upset if Dan Lanning isn’t a finalist for the Broyles Award.  He’s done a remarkable job this season directing one of the most dominant defenses of the last decade.

But what about Georgia’s other coordinator?  I had high hopes when Todd Monken was hired, tempered by a concern over how much autonomy he would be granted by the man who brought him to Athens.  I wouldn’t call 2020 a throwaway season in that regard, but it’s clear in hindsight that Monken was handicapped by the wreckage caused in the wake of COVID in both his quarterback room and in his ability to install his offense.  It helped that Smart had enough respect for Monken’s ability to avoid micromanaging him.

This season should have generated its own set of issues, because of the injuries that have affected the Dawgs on the offensive side of the ball.  Instead, Monken has serenely cruised on.  Georgia finds itself twelfth nationally in scoring and a respectable, if not elite, 34th in offensive yards per play.  (In Monken’s defense, some of that has to be chalked up to playing in a considerable amount of garbage time so far.)  This has been accomplished with a starting quarterback who’s been in and out of the lineup, the team’s best receiver out all season, a banged up receiving corps and a starting right guard who also won’t play a single down in 2021.

It’s worked for a couple of reasons, one certainly being Stetson Bennett’s notable improvement under Monken’s tutelage.  (It’s also worth taking note of the remarkable emergence of the three freshmen receivers.  Georgia’s top four receivers right now consist of three freshmen and a sophomore.)

The other significant reason is Monken’s ability to shape an offense.  His play design was impressive last season, even without a spring practice to install the offense.  As we all saw then, he knows how to draw up formations that get receivers open.

Add to that this season’s takeaway ($$):

Georgia ranks fourth in the SEC in scoring offense, and that’s with injuries and the calling-off-the-dogs factor: Georgia’s score by quarters this season is 94-53-58-33.

Monken is living up to the idea that balance isn’t running and passing on the same drive. It’s being able to run or pass equally well and – all together now – taking what the defense gives you. Remember how it was pass-heavy for the UAB-South Carolina-Vanderbilt stretch, then run-heavy against Arkansas? Well against Auburn, it depended on the drive…

Taking what the defense gives you has been my holy grail for an offensive coordinator since I watched the early version of Mike Bobo repeatedly slam his head against the wall to maintain some sort of 50/50 run/pass equivalency, regardless of what was working at a given time.  Speaking of which, the irony of watching Monken carve up Auburn’s defense with play action, culminating in the play of the game, while Bobo was reduced to letting Bo Nix play street ball in the hopes of generating some offense (sad to say, it did wind up generating Auburn’s only touchdown of the game) was rich, indeed.

Sure, it helps that Georgia has enough talent to overcome the injuries, but working in a bunch of newbies while not having as much consistency at the quarterback position as you’d like isn’t easy.  Monken’s done good work.  I hope he gets rewarded at crunch time with a bunch of those missing pieces getting back on the field.


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He didn’t mention Pickens.  (Of course, we knew in July he was down.  But, still…)

At one point on Saturday, both starting safeties and the starting left tackle were out, along with all the other injured, and it didn’t matter in the slightest.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this team is kinda special.


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“Full of yourself”, defined

An incredible quote from an incredible article about the search for Booch’s replacement ($$):

Later that Sunday, Travis also tweeted out Currie’s personal cellphone number, prompting angry fans to flood Currie’s phone with calls and texts.

… Travis says he doesn’t regret what he did then but wouldn’t do it again. “I’m in a different spot now,” he said. “Four years later, I feel like it might be punching down for me to go after an athletic director in a way that maybe wasn’t then.”

Nobody has their head stuck further up their own ass than Clay Travis.  Nobody.


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Your Daily Gator attains enlightenment.

Oh.  My.  Gawd.

Back in the 00s when dawg nation was most disgruntled after 25 years of pretty mediocre football 1990-2015 their more aggressive fan base came up with slogan “Disney dawgs” and boy was it catchy….. and with merit they seemed to go 8-3,9-3, 8-4 a lot and when they did manage to go 10-1 like in 2002 they’d choke against the worst gator team in 13 years. Yet a certain segment of that fan base outwardly cheered on ray Goff, Jim Donnan, mark reicht and would defend all their subtle mistakes with red and black passion. They’d show up in full force for every outback and citrus bowl they’d go to , which was A LOT…… would tell fellow Georgia fans who wanted more complained about the coaching and the recruiting about the administrative support …. Ect ect that they weee bad fans should always be positive suns always shining and how excited they were for the capital one citrus bowl and how they were bringing their whole family down no matter what to show off their dawg gear with pride every New Years to all the Florida theme parks before those early kick off New Year’s Day games…….

So the fans who wanted more who wanted a coach like Kirby who wanted a big time recruiting budget who wanted to stop always losing to the Florida against the Alabamas against the LSUs ect etc they’d sarcastically refer to their happy let’s go to the outback bowl lucky crowd who’d track down to Florida after every Christmas as “Disney dawgs”………… the Ned Flanders bulldog crowd if you will….

It’s just now at least one can objectively look at gator nation now and it’s sort of like late 90s Georgia it really is and the same fan divide remains. You got the foley defenders who love what the administration does going after all sports trophy’s and what not and defending the football program how it recruits how it spends money and resources how each team is doing ect ect and then you got your fans and boosters who want to go back to the 90s gators who went all out in football and stuff . Who are not happy with recruiting with administration commitment ect ect

I just thought it was appropriate to pay homage to those Disney dawgs because basically that’s become Disney gators. Let’s not forget even those last few New Years 6 bowls like bcs era those are all citrus, outback , gator bowl teams let’s be honest it’s a Orlando bowl program even in its current better years like last. It’s very much Disney bowl all the way

And there’s another thread, to boot!

The Cocktail Party can’t get here soon enough.


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SEC Net YPP, Week 6

For the majority of the conference, the downward trend in net YPP continues, which is another way of saying the SEC is in the midst of beating itself up.  (As always, stats via cfbstats.com.)

  1. Georgia 2.89 (6.49 o; 3.60 d) [NC: -.33]
  2. Florida 2.37 (7.17 o; 4.80 d) [NC: +.68]
  3. Kentucky 2.00 (6.61 o; 4.61 d) [NC: -.01]
  4. Alabama 1.72 (6.72 o; 5.00 d) [NC:  -.38]
  5. Ole Miss 1.72 (7.35 o; 5.63 d) [NC:  -.25]
  6. Arkansas 1.63 (6.73 o; 5.10 d) [NC: -.62]
  7. Auburn:  1.56 (6.40 o; 4.84 d) [NC:  -.71]
  8. Tennessee 1.44 (6.31 o; 4.87 d) [NC: +.10]
  9. Texas A&M .92 (5.93 o; 5.01 d) [NC: -.29]
  10. Mississippi State .32 (5.68 o; 5.36 d) [DNP]
  11. LSU .15 (5.62 o; 5.47 d) [NC: -.38]
  12. South Carolina -.02 (5.19 o; 5.21 d) [NC: -.38]
  13. Missouri -.29 (6.55 o; 6.84 d) [NC: 0]
  14. Vanderbilt -2.44 (4.27 o; 6.71 d) [NC: -.34]

Turnover margin, after week six:

  • +5:  Ole Miss
  • +4:  Alabama, Missouri
  • +3:  Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee
  • +2:  Arkansas
  • +1:  Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State
  • -3:  Florida
  • -4: Texas A&M
  • -6:  Vanderbilt
  • -8:  Kentucky


  • Florida is the recipient of this week’s Vanderbilt bounce.
  • Three teams have net YPP numbers that could be CFP worthy; two of those are the last undefeated teams in the conference.
  • Georgia’s defensive YPP is a full yard better than second place Kentucky’s is.  Vanderbilt’s offensive YPP is almost a full yard worse than South Carolina’s.


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“There’s no shame in losing to Kentucky.”


I tried to warn you doggone Dawgs after last year’s game, but you wouldn’t listen.

You only laughed at me and sent me nasty tweets and emails, saying I was a partisan, provincial Gator hack and a blind, biased Dan Mullen flack.

Before the most monumental Georgia-Florida game in years, let us take a moment to revisit what I wrote after Mullen’s Gators were manhandled 36-17 by coach Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs in Mullen’s inaugural Cocktail Party last year.

“Enjoy this, Georgia,” I wrote. “Savor this second consecutive victory over the Florida Gators. Relish your clear superiority over your rivals during Saturday’s 36-17 victory in the World’s Largest Outdoor Talent Discrepancy Party. Every Dog has its day. But your Dog days aren’t going to last as long as you once thought. In less than a season, new Gator coach Dan Mullen has at least put some chomp back in this rivalry after taking over a doomed, done-for, dysfunctional program that completely quit on former coach Jim McElwain during last year’s 42-7 loss to the Bulldogs.

“Cherish the 19-point victory, Georgia. Embrace it. Appreciate it. With Dan the Man in charge, you’re not going to be Dogging the Gators like this for very much longer.”


It’s also true Florida has been a notch below Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma in recent years, but other than Bama, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State, has anybody else really been better than the Gators since Mullen took over?

I wasn’t expecting an “aside from that, what have the Romans ever done for us?” defense of Dan Mullen.

So get off Dan Mullen’s case, Gator Nation.

He’s built a really good football program.

If you don’t think that’s good enough, then go talk to fans at Florida State and Miami.

Hard to believe, but Mike Bianchi finally wrote a column I can endorse.  Well played, sir.


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SEC Power Poll, Week Six

I’m not saying the SEC has fully descended into 2007 levels of chaos territory, but I’ll admit you can see the entrance to the mine from here.

  1. Georgia.  Last week I said I wouldn’t move the Dawgs to the top spot until I saw somebody break Alabama’s serve first.  Consider serve broken.
  2. Alabama.  Well, hell, Nick.  I guess it was a trap game.
  3. Kentucky.  Sure, everybody saw this coming.
  4. Florida.  Technically speaking, they’re fourth in the division as I type this.
  5. Texas A&M.  It feels like Jimbo Fisher spent the last eight months getting his team ready for Alabama and forgot to prep for anyone else.
  6. Ole Miss.  Honestly, you could put the next three teams in any order you like and I wouldn’t argue.  It’s not good when you give up 51 points at home to a team that was shut out the week before.
  7. Arkansas.  I love that Pittman played for the win instead of overtime.  If only he’d been rewarded.
  8. Auburn.  They’re better defensively than Ole Miss and Arky, but worse on offense.
  9. Tennessee.  The Vols have scored more points through six games (249) than in 10 games last season (215) under Pruitt.
  10. Mississippi State.  Bye week, but that win over TAMU looks better in the interim.
  11. LSU.  The question remaining about the program right now is where Coach O will be the defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator next season.
  12. South Carolina.  Vandy comin’.
  13. Missouri.  Outgained by North Texas, their only saving grace was going +4 in turnover margin.
  14. Vanderbilt.  In conference play, they’ve yet to score and they’re giving up 52 points per game.


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Fabris Pool results, Week 6

Monster tiebreaker this week.

Congrats to VoxDawg for emerging from the pack there.

In the seasonal race, ELloyd remains on top with a two-point lead.


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