“Full of yourself”, defined

An incredible quote from an incredible article about the search for Booch’s replacement ($$):

Later that Sunday, Travis also tweeted out Currie’s personal cellphone number, prompting angry fans to flood Currie’s phone with calls and texts.

… Travis says he doesn’t regret what he did then but wouldn’t do it again. “I’m in a different spot now,” he said. “Four years later, I feel like it might be punching down for me to go after an athletic director in a way that maybe wasn’t then.”

Nobody has their head stuck further up their own ass than Clay Travis.  Nobody.


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20 responses to ““Full of yourself”, defined

  1. Ricky McDurden

    Some major “I didn’t want to do it but felt I owed it to them” vibes out of Outkick’s King Schmuck. Which comes as a surprise to nobody.

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  2. LMAO’ing at the idea that Clay has suddenly had some crisis of conscience about “punching down.” Punching down has been OTC’s bread and butter almost ever since it was created.

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  3. My favorite memory of that will forever be two obese, orange clad, overalls wearing, Philbillies fighting at Neelands during halftime of the Ga game. All they needed was a moonshine stil in the background to complete the stereotype.


  4. There is no more narcissistic, completely full of shit, aggrieved privilege group of people on the planet that talk radio bros.

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  5. originaluglydawg

    Good for Booch for getting away from all the drama at that smoking pile of hog crap. I love it that Tennessee had to pay him to work for Bama for all those years!


  6. Skip Bayless would like to be considered.

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  7. He’s not wrong. He influenced that coaching non-hire more than the AD did, as evidenced by the article itself.

    Also, he makes more money on Outkick than any AD makes per year, and on top of that, he actually owns the company. No AD has equity in anything, there is nothing to own.

    Everyone who hates Clay Travis is just playing into his hands, the guy is absolutely playing on a higher plane than ADs. In sports media biz he is a rung below Portnoy and Walt Disney execs, but thats about it.


    • Derek

      Sure he’s a piece of shit scumbag, but hey, he’s got $!

      I have a dream that one day people will not be judged upon the content of their character, but exclusively upon the size of their wallets.

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    • I hate clay Travis, and I promise, I’m not playing into his hands in the slightest. Until someone tells me what his most recent aggrieved white male hustle is, I forget he exists. Just another blowhard playing and act and running a hustle.

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  8. stoopnagle

    Yeah, Clay marshalled his sheep and it got them what? A shiny and freshly waxed Jeremy Pruitt. Now that’s what I call “punching down!”

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  9. jsun7

    You never disappoint on this topic, Senator.😂 Not to mention the rest of the merry band of folks who are moved to comment to make sure everyone knows how their level of virtue results in their hatred of Clay.


    • I don’t think it takes much in the way of virtue to call out the guy, but, hey, whatever works for you.

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      • jsun7

        Right on, sir. Your forum, your rules.


        • I don’t know what that’s got to do with anything here.

          You and I have had a discussion about Travis before. You appreciate his business model more than I do and more power to you for that. What I don’t do is cast aspersions your way over it.

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          • jsun7

            As usual…written text didn’t do a good job of giving context of what I meant. Was merely saying your forum…I’m dropping it. Not worth either of our time to continue this thread I don’t think? Face to face conversations regarding stupid topics like this are much more enjoyable and fruitful versus tap tap tap on a keyboard where there’s no context to anything. I don’t think I thought you were casting aspersions my way at all. You (and many others) have staked your claim on the anti-clay while I’m not as bothered by his place in the ridiculous online news ecosystem that’s been created over the last decade. We all get to have opinions and then the tribes of our time go to work. As always, I appreciate your spending as much time on this page as you do – even with the occasional stink eye you throw at Clay.


  10. ASEF

    Wow. Wow.

    “I was an up-and-coming piece of crap then, but now that I’m a fully-arrived piece-of-crap, being a jerk to a lowly SEC athletic director is just beneath me.”

    Hunter Thompson nailed it when he explained how retail broadcast operates. Clay’s a poster child for it.

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