The Kenny Pickett rule

Now he belongs to the ages.

One of the season’s biggest fake outs has now been permanently banned — at least for the postseason. Reacting to Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett’s dazzling scoring run in the ACC Championship Game, the NCAA sent a rules interpretation Thursday that bans the so-called “fake slide” by ball carriers.

NCAA secretary-rules editor Steve Shaw sent an email blast to officials adding language to Rule 12-3-3 that deals with dead balls and loose balls.

The only thing that surprises me about this is how nobody at the NCAA thought this might be an issue before.  (And given that we’re talking about the NCAA, it’s only a mild surprise at that.)



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24 responses to “The Kenny Pickett rule

  1. aucarson

    Looks like Nick Saban is on the mother.


  2. This is going to end well, but this is what you get now that the rules have been so tilted to the offense. It’s a bush league move by Pickett, and shame on the Wake players for not playing through the whistle.

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    same should apply for faking going out of bounds by QBs

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  4. SCDawg

    How about the fake spike or the fake kneel down?

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    • fisheriesdawg

      You’re not spking or kneeling to avoid injury, though, so that’s a little different animal. There’s nothing to stop you from playing defense on WRs when the offense looks like they’re going to spike it or rushing the QB on a probable kneel at the end of the half. There IS a rule to stop you from squaring up a QB going into a slide just in case he’s faking it.


  5. mddawg

    Proof that they can act quickly when they want to.

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  6. rigger92

    And fake injury?

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  7. Scotty King

    I just wish our QBs would get to the yardage marker before sliding!

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  8. Geezus

    As an aside, I saw on one of those Auburn insider sites where the Auburn faithful are now stumping for Kenny Pickett for Heisman over Bryce Young – they really won’t give anything to Bama. (To be fair though, he does have comparable numbers).


  9. jdawg108

    It should be a foul.

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  10. The Truth

    I’m glad they did something because if HCs and DCs across the country were thinking like me, Brother Kenny’s little stunt was going to get a lot of his QB brethren damn near killed.

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  11. Any one else want to take odds on Georgia being the first team to have a qb called down when he was not actually beginning a slide but just stumbling a little as he tried to cut?

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    • gshock36

      Totally came here for this and wasn’t disappointed. You could easily interpret his move or something like it to be a rough cut from a player that isn’t always doing those type of moves on the field.


  12. Michael Flinn

    Anyone need Pitt v. MSU tickets?


  13. originaluglydawg

    They already have called, “Unsportsmanlike Conduct”.
    It’s one of the most underused calls in CFB and has been used selectively by SEC officials for years.
    But this particular incident should have been called.
    And when Gus had Auburn line up in the “safe” formation to run out the clock against Wisconsin (end of first half a couple of years ago) and then ran a trick play out of it, I was embarrassed for the SEC.
    We don’t shoot people that are surrendering. If they’re faking it, they should be punished.


  14. originaluglydawg

    First sentence should read, “They already have a foul for that and it’s called Unsportsmanlike Conduct”.


  15. dawgphan34

    I thought it was pretty slick. I doubt many people could pull it off. What is pretty amazing is how quickly something was done about it.


  16. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think it is a bad move for fans – how many reviews are we going to have to sit through while they look at every angle to determine is it was a fake slide or just an ordinary stumble, and another replay to decide where is the spot that the ball was decided to be a dead ball. Or if a QB is standing on two feet and squats a little is it going to be unnecessary roughness for the defender to put him on the ground. This will not work, regardless of how noble the intentions may be.


  17. bucketheridge

    Since when can Steve Shaw unilaterally “amend” rules midseason?