Four heads are better than two.

Now he’s just trolling us.


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  1. classiccitycanine

    Different day. Same bullsh*t.

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  2. pdawg30577

    I have been wondering where the young guns have been in the mix. If Daniels is hurt (and I have to believe it’s something like that) and Stet can’t take us all the way, you’ve got to wonder if the other two guys could bring something to the table here in the home stretch. Their playing time this year has been pretty damn inauspicious, though, I must say.

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    • godawgs1701

      No disrespect to the young man, but Carson Beck is not the answer for any game being played the rest of this season. And as talented as he is, I don’t think you can put BVG out there to take on Michigan or Alabama unless Stetson and JT are both on crutches.

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      • charlottedawg

        Carson Beck not only looks like Napoleon dynamite, he plays like him too. Dude was a very low rated 4 star but still qualifies as a bust.

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        • PTC DAWG

          I still say he was signed just to tweak Mullen and the Gators.

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        • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

          The truth is we have very little judge Carson by. In the games that he has been in it is already garbage time. He is in with 2s and 3s and he’s trying to prove himself and he gets excited and makes a mistake, but he clearly has a gun. He can play QB for someone. That said, it isn’t fair to put him or BVG in as a starter in a play off game. Unless everybody else is hurt or we are cruising they shouldn’t have to play.

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        • Down Island Way

          2018 Fl. offensive player of the year, won a state title, elite 11 finals (invitation only), 9th ranked pro style QB…when you bring some of that bling to big time schools, ya gotta’ really bring it every friggin’ day to stand out, so far, not so much…not saying #15 can’t, time isn’t on his side to wait…

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          • miltondawg

            All that might be true. Senior season wasn’t nearly as good however. A very close friend of mine that lives in Clearwater and played college football at UNLV back in the Randall Cunningham and Ickey Woods days. Since he had his oldest son as a senior in the 2019 fall season, he saw Beck play a few times. He told me way back when Beck was signed that he didn’t think Beck was nearly as good as his star ranking and didn’t think that he would ever be a big time college QB.

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      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Carson has brought back memories of Brice Ramsey. Ready, Fire, Aim.

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  3. classiccitycanine

    Kirby’s got Saban’s arrogance without Saban’s rings. Gotta have the rings to make that formula work Kirbs!

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  4. theoriginalspike

    That’s some serious “Coachspeak” right there!

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  5. Derek

    Thanks for nothing Kirbs….

    The qb room will know Sunday.

    We’ll learn the same time Harbaugh does:
    from the rumor mill next Thursday.

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  6. charlottedawg

    Since it’s practice, every time the UGA defense picks off Stetson, it’s still technically a completion to a Georgia player, so by that metric stetson’s doing really well.

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)


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  8. MudCat's Mechanic

    Talked to my friend who’s cousin is the neighbor to a UPS driver that delivered the CFP jerseys to BM and he said that he overheard talk that Muschamp’s kid is getting the start.

    For the record, every time I see BVG I read it Brian VanGorder……

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  9. Geezus

    I’m wondering if I should send condolences to NY Giants fans now. If Fromm ever starts for them, they’ll never be able to pry his ass out of the seat.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s a prerecorded message from 2017.

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  11. uga97

    Thanks Mr. Debary for tweeting out a meaningless no-quote, quote which can be used as a template anywhere, any pre-game forever.

    [Insert any HC name from any program anywhere in the US here]:

    “All 4 of [insert any FB team’s position group here] have been doing a tremendous job. We’re going to play the best guy who gives us the best chance to win.”


  12. 123 Fake St

    This will be Kirby’s downfall if he keeps this shit up.

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    • Keeps what up? Going 12-1 and making the CFP with a 3rd-string QB? Signing Top 5 recruiting classes? Staying out of trouble with the NCAA? Dominating the East?

      Beating Clemson, UF, AU, UT, and GT in the same year?


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      • 123 Fake St

        Yes, it’s been a fine year. However, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

        I’m talking about trolling his own fans with this sarcastic bullshit. We all know he’s going to trot a 5’9” walkon QB the next two games. The fact that the three other QBs weren’t coached up during the season is malpractice.

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        • Ha, I got you. Maybe you’re just more patient than me…. I came to the conclusion he was a troll to the fans about five years ago. That moment’s come and gone for me.

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        • fisheriesdawg

          Jackson Muschamp? Because the guy who has been starting most of the year is on scholarship and has been since he transferred here.


        • It wasn’t sarcasm. One of the beat writers asked if JT has been taking reps with the 1’s, to which Kirby replied he doesn’t disclose that kind of information, but that all 4 guys have been working well, etc etc etc.

          Honestly, the idea that anybody thinks Kirby is going to say anything different at this point is flat out silly.

          If you want to be upset with someone, be upset with these hack writers who keep asking the same question, knowing damn well he isn’t going to give them the answer they seek.

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      • Russ

        We’re doomed! DOOOOOOMED!!

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    • James A Mercer Jr

      I’m sure the UGA AD is zeroing in on your brillitant analysis of Kirby’s ability as Georgia’s head coach. “keeping this shit up” is just what your opinion is worth…you couch potato coachs make me gag while trying to laugh at your stupid tweaks on Kirby’s coaching ability. Just sit back and have another Bud and continue your special football knowledge and coaching. We marvel at your contributions.

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      • 123 Fake St

        Thanks James for the insults.

        The fact remains Stetzy won’t win us anything of importance.
        We’ll finish the season with two bad losses and zero championships. ZERO!

        After that happens, and it will happen if he sticks with the 5’9” QB, I want you to sit your Zima down and try to have a moment of clarity.
        Ask yourself two questions:
        1. Does Kirby have an ego?
        2. Would I rate Kirby’s handling of the QBs Great, Good, Fair, or Poor?

        I HOPE I’m wrong, but I already know how this shit is going to play out.

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        I marvel at your tolerance for divergent opinions. Truely an inspiration for us all.


  13. Previously Paul

    Kirby cracks me up. Breaking News: All 110 players have been doing a tremendous job. We’re going to play the guys who give us the best chance to win. This is when I actually miss a guy like Steve Spurrier. He’d give us some quotes worth tweeting.

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  14. cowetadawg

    WTF is Kirby supposed to say here? Keep the QBs working, and don’t advertise your roster until you have to. Fine. Just win on 12/31 and move on to the game with Bama that matters the most.

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  15. D as in Dawg

    All the commenters on here are really insightful. We just need to go with the most accurate post and like it.

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  16. rigger92

    Dammit, we need another Chubb. Just watched the Browns get beat by a FG and Nick played his ass off AGAIN. Why can’t a QB/WR/RB combo get drafted? Bring in a couple edge rushers for a D, done……

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  17. ASEF

    Stetson’s probably the best QB on the team. Not sure how a recruiting operation like this, with a spare-no-expense development program, ends up in that situation, but that’s where we seem to be.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I know what Greg McGarity’s next move would be if he was still our AD. He would hit up the Silver Circle, Magill and Hartman folks for additional contributions to the quarterback recruiting and development fund. Get extra tickets as acreward.


    • spur21

      Stetson is probably the best UNINJURED QB on the team that knows the system.
      Oh wait – it’s Kirby’s fault because he allowed one QB to announce he was opting out 2 weeks before the season started, and he allowed the next one in line to get hurt – damn Kirby.


      • ASEF

        Kirby picks the players. Kirby picks the OC. Kirby picks the offense. He’s the one with the most agency here, which is why he’s the one with the $7 mill a year salary.

        He’s not exactly a helpless bystander.

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  18. Gaskilldawg

    I wish Smart had answered the question by saying “Nathan Priestley would get the start if the game was tomorrow ” so the scribes would have an answer and would stop asking the same damned question every day, and fans would complain about a different QB1 for a change.


  19. RC

    You know how the old saying goes- if you have four QB’s you probably…ahhh, never mind…