Getting a head start

Six 2022 signees are putting the early in early enrollee by joining the Dawgs for bowl practice.  They are:

  • Oscar Delp
  • Mykel Williams
  • Jalon Walker
  • Malaki Starks
  • De’Nylon Morissette
  • Cedric Washington

Read more about them here.


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24 responses to “Getting a head start

  1. Russ

    I know it’s unlikely, but are any of these kids allowed to play in the bowl game? Not sure what the eligibility rules are around this.


  2. At first I thought the one name was “Malarki Starks”. I’m kind of wishing it was. Ha.


  3. Darin Cochran

    This is a little off topic Senator, but just wanted your early thoughts on Stockton taking on Vandergriff for the future QB? Everyone assumes Brock the “Rock” is the next big thing but looking at Stockton’s senior numbers!…whoa! This kid was unbelievable; 55 TDs and one INT…..ONE! He might make a run at the starting job. What do you think?


  4. Gaskilldawg

    They are not taking classes now. and will not be taking classes until the spring semester starts January 10th. A player has to be an actual student taking classes in order to play


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Is it correct to assume the newbies don’t travel to the bowl games? In other words, are the practices limited to campus? Or are they essentially on the team, but can’t play in the game(s).


  6. vernefundquist

    Anyone know when season ticket holders who applied for National Championship tix will find out if we got them through UGAAA?