TFW you expect to be the boss of the post-game presser

Dana Holgorsen has fewer fucks to give than any coach in America.

Yesterday, his team beat Auburn and he had to go second behind Harsin at the press conference afterwards.  That didn’t sit well.

Even better,




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22 responses to “TFW you expect to be the boss of the post-game presser

  1. Illini84

    He should have been pissed, cheapshot dumbass War Eagle shouldn’t even have been interviewed!

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  2. Anon

    Didn’t even know they played yesterday. Has SEC won a bowl game this year yet?

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    • PTC DAWG

      Not sure why people care about SEC and bowl wins..I watched, was great to see the barn lose.

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      • Tony BarnFart

        I used to care….like 15 years ago, when the SEC had yet to go on a strong run and the league was sort of anybody’s to be had. Now, IDGAF what happens to anybody but Georgia. Frankly, it kind of annoys me when I hear people like my mother-in-law (tennessee fan) going all in on other SEC teams. Just…..why ? Your cheering for others to win it all “for the league” has done nothing but help pile on your long term misery.

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        • miltondawg

          Ditto, Tony. I used to pull for just about any SEC team in bowls other than UF and Tennessee before they lit the tire fire in Knoxville. I think that it was John Kincaid on 680 that was talking about how dumb that was and I started really thinking about it and was like, “yeah, it is kind of dumb…why the hell am I pulling for someone like Auburn or South Carolina that during the season I absolutely hate and laugh maniacally at for losses?”

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        • SEC pride don’t mean shit, period. I want ALL of our rivals to lose every game they play, and UGA to win them all. Auburn fans cheering for UGA when we play Bama cause they hate Bama worse hasn’t done one damn thing for our program.


  3. Gaskilldawg

    I understand him being pissed but he should have seen it coming. It is a bowl played in Alabama, for gosh sakes. Auburn was the bowl folks ‘ preferred team between the two.

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  4. spur21

    I don’t care for Auburn.


  5. stoopnagle

    Holgo FTW

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  6. siskey

    Looks like Leach should have spent more time coaching than on talking about his time at Texas Tech. Maybe we will be the only SEC team to win it’s bowl game.:)

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  7. 79dawg

    Pretty sure the losers go first most of the time, because the winners are out celebrating, being interviewed on the field, etc…

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  8. pdawg30577

    Holgorsen is an asshole and a mean drunk. How many bars and casinos has he been banned for life from again?

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  9. Dawg in Austin

    He had a date with a barstool that couldn’t wait.

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  10. RC

    Yeah, that guy might be the biggest dick in the Contiguous 48. (Saving room for Todd Graham there, btw.)

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    • Easy there big fella. You’re obviously not taking the absolute dickishness of Urbs into account. He’s truly the GOAT in any conversation of all time dicks.

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      • RC

        Sorry. I got caught up in the emotion of the moment. When somebody goes and makes anything Auburn appear to be a sympathetic figure- comparatively- in any circumstance, I kinda lose all perspective.


  11. How long does it take to say “we’re a garbage team and played like shit, per usual”?

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  12. SoCalDawg

    i don’t really mind if he’s 1st or 2nd, i’m just happy fu and au ended 6-7 and he’s still taking shots after beating them, yeah i don’t care for auburn.

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  13. uga97

    Welcome to the the B12 Dana, a 2nd tier conference that “JUST WAITS MORE.”