Getting mighty crowded

Georgia’s quarterback room, that is, according to Chip Towers:

Regardless of what happens the remainder of this season, next year’s quarterback competition promises to an exciting one.

Signs point toward redshirt senior Stetson Bennett returning for a sixth season of eligibility, and there’s a good chance junior JT Daniels could decide to return as well. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs have continued to recruit quarterbacks at a high level. Freshman Brock Vandagriff, a 5-star recruit when he signed last year, was redshirted this season but has continued to generate buzz in practices, especially in this month’s bowl preparations.

“I continue to hear that Vandagriff is really taking steps forward,” said 247Sports recruiting analyst Rusty Mansell. “He has the best arm in that room. The ball comes out of Brock Vandagriff’s hand different than everyone in that room. JT Daniels, none of them, have the arm that Vandagriff has. You have to be able to process, accuracy, all of those things, and that has taken a little bit of time with him.

Plus Beck and Stockton?  I can’t see them all sticking around.



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  1. Derek

    How can JT stick around unless the coaches have been pissing down our leg? “We think Stets better but maybe you can earn the job back”, doesn’t seem a very attractive message. I

    Who knows what Beck is thinking? Maybe he thinks he can be the guy in 2023?

    The Vandergriff/Stockton/Manning fight will wait for Spring of 2023.

    If JT leaves I can see Brock being the guy in 2022. My read on him is that he is similar to Stet in style but better at every measurable: bigger, faster, stronger….

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  2. Stet needs to go on unless he brings us the title.

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  3. mp

    Looks like Auburn sure could use someone with a pulse at quarterback if Stetson wanted to leave.

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  4. Joe Blow

    They are all student scholars. Didn’t they pick Georgia for the free academics? What’s football playing time got to do with their important higher education?

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  5. theotherdoug

    If JT Daniels is really 100% while getting beat out by Stetson Bennett, then the depth chart for next year is:
    1. Vandergriff
    2. Bennett
    3. Daniels
    4. Beck
    5. Stockton

    In this scenario I think Beck and Daniels move on.

    If Daniels isn’t 100%, then I think he moves up to #1. Bennett and Beck leave.

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  6. Remember the Quincy

    Let’s get another walk on ready for when Stetson leaves. Those 5 stars are all just there to warm the bench.

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  7. Russ

    And if Stetson is thinking of coming back, then he really must ignore social media given all the shit he gets.

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  8. Geezus

    I always figured Bennett would be back, why wouldn’t he? After next year, if he hasn’t finished his Masters yet, he can slide over into a GA roll. I’m not shitting on Bennett, the kid has taken advantage of every break that he’s been able to create for himself, DGD.

    I don’t know what’s up with Daniels. He still seems very involved on the sidelines to be a QB-scorned, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he left (I still wonder if there isn’t still an injury issue).

    I think Beck is gone.

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    • Geezus

      I should clarify, I won’t shit on Bennett, but I will shit all over the coaches and what I may see as mismanagement or poor decisions.

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      • James A Mercer Jr

        As if we really give a rat’s ass what your opinion is….and I just know that CKS is just reading GTP every day hoping for some insight from you. Really folks, don’t we seem to have an elevated opinion of our analytical abilities…do you really enjoy the game?


  9. I would be shocked if either Daniels or Beck are on the roster next season if Bennett is back. Unless there is a situation where Daniels believes he’s not ready to play this season, why would he sit again next season. With Beck, it seems the coaches treated him like they did Fields, not giving him any meaningful snaps to help develop him for later & nothing in the last 5 years makes me believe that will change. Under Kirby, back up qb’s work hard at study and practice & then come in late sometimes to hand it off. Not much upside I can see if you really believe you can play.

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    • 123 Fake St

      He played a lot in the UAB game and he was ….. not good.

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      • I agree. In fact, he was pretty bad. You’re just reinforcing what I was saying. How many times did Beck come in for meaningful snaps after that game. And by meaningful, I mean the ability to run at least some of the offense instead of the usual hand-offs? None. Had he been given the chance, he may have well been dreadful. I don’t know. Neither do you. More importantly, neither do the coaches. That’s a problem in my book. How many games did the Dawgs absolutely dominate this season? Pretty much all of them. So how many opportunities were there for the coaches to find out what they had at qb. They knew what they had with Stetson & for the most part Daniels. At least if he was healthy. And if he wasn’t healthy, why would they not attempt to get another qb ready? If Daniels has been held out over poor health, it’s coaching malpractice to refuse a 2nd qb some work to help him be ready in an emergency. I haven’t been one to bash the coaches over the qb’s in the past. I understand many of the difficulties Kirby was in with the first several years. But we’re in year 6! It’s time to have at least 2 qb’s healthy and with at least some meaningful reps.

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  10. David K

    Thoughts on this.
    1. I want nothing more than Stetson to win the National Championship, retire as a legend, and ride off into the sunset after fucking every co-ed in Athens.
    2. I don’t care if we win the National Championship with Stetson playing every snap, if he returns he should be the 3rd string quarterback next year behind BVG and Gunner.
    3. Carson Beck is transferring or they should process him out the door.
    4. If JT isn’t injured and Stetson truly just beat him out for the job and he still comes back, then he has zero pride in himself and they should kick him off the team out of principle.
    5. If Stetson is the starter next season, BVG will likely transfer and along with JT you can add 2 more 5 star quarterbacks to the list of discarded talented passers Kirby has squandered.

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    • rigger92

      Not to argue, but to counter.

      If my kid was one of the top 10 QB’s in the nation I would objectively look at coaching staff, talent level of the team, facilities, stability and direction of the program. We check all of those boxes even though our QB situation right now is a mystery. Beck, Vandergriff, Stockton are inside the program and doing things those of us outside of the program don’t know about and I find it likely that all of them are watching a CFP program going through the typical gauntlet and thinking to themselves “I can be the difference maker”.
      To the Senator, Arch is being advised the same as point above. CKS/CTM won’t be offering the keys to the car to the kid and several other programs will, so I don’t think he sniffs Athens.
      If we are who we should be, CTM is recruiting his QB type or has already taken care of the future at the position. I do agree that SBIV next year is kind of puzzling unless the next two games pan out differently than I see them panning out.
      The JTD rabbit hole, for us outside the program, has no bottom to it so just move on. Derek satisfies my WTF instinct around the whole thing and I enjoy reading his opinions/concerns/reactions and I agree with him but I have just washed my hands of it. I thought we had a real chance on 04DEC and now am just letting go and in “show me” mode.
      If SBIV starts next season he will have won the CFP for us and all of us should just STFU. If he starts next season after MI beat us then CKS/CTM will be just completely hammered on the recruiting trail/negative recruiting narrative and the whole QB room will be gone, maybe Gunner stays.

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      • tenesseewasnevergreat

        I think Gunner is the QB Kirby has been looking for. Fields was too, but Kirby wasn’t willing to give him the keys his Freshman year when Fromm had one year left and had proven that he could win big games.


  11. I hope we win because I don’t want to see the absolute meltdown that will happen with the alternative.

    Kirby and Monken made their bed with their decision back in November when Daniels was back healthy.

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  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have no clue, except to say that I think JT leaving is unlikely unless he just decides to quit football. Regardless of the situation next year, if he were to transfer he’d have to sit unless they change that rule. If he wants to go pro, who is drafting him without some positive tape to show? I hate it for him (although if he is still injured I understand) but this situation just isn’t good for him. It’s not really anybody’s fault; just an unfortunate set of circumstances.


    • For all this talk about Bennett’s scrambling ability and as the best option to win, why didn’t they put SBIV back in last year after he was well after his injury in the Florida game? Because JT took the job. None of this makes any sense whatsoever, and, of course, everyone involved is spinning the hell out of the situation.

      I just wish Kirby would have come out and said we’re sticking with Bennett because I don’t want to mess with the team’s chemistry. JT’s positive c19 test and subsequent isolation during bowl practices didn’t help matters any when you could make the case for a change.

      Saban has to be drooling at the potential of facing us for a 3rd time in the last 2 years with a former walk-on who was never recruited to be a starting SEC QB while he has the 5-star Heisman winner.

      I REALLY want to be wrong about all of this.

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  13. practicaldawg

    If history in the Kirby era is any guide, some will transfer, and the ones that stay will get hurt. The starting QB will most likely be none of the above. Impossible to predict.


  14. Biggen

    Why would both Daniels and Bennett stick around? Daniels could transfer to nearly any school and be a starter next year. No way he backs up SB the 4th again.

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  15. Vandagriff is obviously talented, but he played high school ball in 1A Private. He faced off against small, skinny kids who were used to seeing Wing T’s every week, not guys with cannon arms. I would expect him to need at least a year to go. Hope springs eternal.


    • James A Mercer Jr

      Now we’ve set the narrative: Stetson, the walk on; Vandagriff, the private school novice; JD, the cripple; Beck, the inept; Stockton, the potential. Now that we have the characters all we need is the director: CKS, the stubborn, inept, selffish. What plays can we cast these characters in?? The Dawg nation awaits with…keen analytical coaching acumen…ready to pounce on these poor creatures. Tune in in 2022!!!

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  16. uga97

    Thanks Chip & Rusty we don’t know shit.


  17. So, Vandagriff to take over at halftime of the National Championship game against Alabama?

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  18. MGW

    One of our current top two is almost 100% definitely starting next year if we win the playoff, and if we don’t then it’ll be pretty much guaranteed neither is starting next year.

    Very, very different conversations as far as who stays and goes in those two scenarios, made even more complicated by which of Stetson or Daniels brings us the title, and who ends up winning the job this summer if we lose the playoff.

    You could make a sizable flow chart on the matter at this point.