Today, in for what it’s worth

Some thoughtful comments from Aaron Murray about the Cocktail Party:

He makes a point I hadn’t really thought about, distinguishing the uniqueness of the game from the perspective of a recruit and that of a player.

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t have enjoyed the game as much if it was (at Georgia) or (at Florida). It would have been awesome. I’m a kid who grew up going to games in The Swamp just being an hour and a half from Gainesville. It’s just that different vibe, that different feel,” said Murray. “Driving over the bridge and seeing the red and black and all the orange and blue. It’s special and I do think that’s what makes this game so unique and puts it on a different level.”

It’s something that’s always struck me after a win in Jacksonville — the obvious pleasure Georgia players take in that setting of beating a hated rival.  And, yes, I’ve seen the team celebrate in Athens after a big win plenty of times, but there’s something different about the Cocktail Party vibe, as Murray notes.



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  1. RangerRuss

    So whose got the balls to tell our National Championship winning HC to eat a cracker and shut the fuck up?

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  2. You never hear any players from the past complain about the game in Jacksonville. Enough said since Kirby isn’t going to let the current players answer the question.

    Keep the game in Jacksonville.


  3. Hopefully, ESPN, do university presidents, and the other powers that be realized that part of the value of college football isn’t games like the cocktail party and Red River shootout. Probably a fool’s hope


  4. stoopnagle

    It is no longer the WLOCP if it goes home and home. It’s just the Georgia-Florida Rivalry Game and everyone who hates tradition can embrace the Oar or something and now that I think about it I’m shocked it hasn’t happened yet.

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  5. Ran A

    On record of supporting Kirby. If he feels that strongly about – then go to home and home.

    I know less about this than a lot of you. Haven’t put in as much thought. But I do think it comes down to two things for Kirby.

    1). Travel – y’all can pooh-pooh that all you want; but travel is wearing. The game in Jax is one more travel game. And it gives the gators one less game they have to travel for the year. You my see that as not a big deal; it is bigger than you realize. If this was home and home, you get UF and UT back to back without having to pack one bag. There is a difference.

    2). Control – when your home; everything is under your control. And there are variables when you are on the road. And we know how much control successful football coaches demand/require.

    3). Recruiting – he’s right. What was given was something they were doing anyway. He’s losing a chance to kick the Gators butt in his home stadium and then whining and dining these kids afterward. It’s a chance to create further separation from the Gators.

    Not arguing the merits of keeping the game in Jacksonville, the tradition – totally get it. But if the most successful HC in Georgia history (sorry Vince) wants it home and home – then make it home and home.


    • Last I heard the Gators travel is about the same travel time as ours except they are on buses as opposed to a plane.

      Control – I guess that means coaches don’t control things in away games. Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense. Every minute between the time they leave the football complex and arrive back is scheduled just as it is at home.

      Recruiting – until a player says he chose somewhere else because Georgia couldn’t pay his expenses to attend the Cocktail Party, that argument doesn’t fly. Otherwise, why does Oklahoma continue to go to Dallas?

      Winning 1 game in Indianapolis doesn’t make Kirby the czar of Georgia sports. That’s exactly why I and all of us should hold him to a championship or bust standard if he ever gets his way on this.

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      • Ran A

        More than respect your opinion to disagree. Just a little food for thought.

        Georgia doesn’t fly in on game day. They fly in the night before. The Gators get up, get on a bus and ride over. There is a difference.

        Control – there are always little things that have to be attended to when your traveling verses being at home. Sometimes – big things. Less distractions – more focus. (Don’t kid yourself, coaches would rather be playing at home in their own stadium).
        Less variables – less to worry about.

        It’s not about traveling to the game. It is about hosting and showcasing and featuring how that player fits. The argument more than flies.

        Winning 1 Game in Indianapolis? Well, let’s see:

        66-15 since he started. 5 of the 15 losses in the first year.

        2017 – 12-2, National Championship Game – #2 in the country.
        2018 – 11-3 – Sugar Bowl – 8th in Coaches – 7th in AP
        2019 – 12-2 – Sugar Bowl – 4th in each poll
        2020 – 8-2 – Peach – 7th in each poll
        2021 – 14-1 National Championship 1st in each Poll

        Conference Record 40-9 (36-4, since 2017).

        I think it’s a little more than winning “just one game”.. But again, respectfully, we can disagree.

        Have a great day!

        Go Dawgs!

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        • No, the Gators bus over the day before the game. It’s exactly the same.

          He still isn’t bigger than the program and has gotten literally everything else.

          He doesn’t seem to understand the kind of firestorm he is going to start by doing this.

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        • We don’t even bus to Atlanta on the day of the Tech game and won’t for the Oregon game, and Athens is closer to Atlanta than Hogtown is to Jacksonville.


        • Ran A

          One other comment. I’m not losing sleep either way this shakes. I get the emotional tie and respect it. Just being pragmatic. If the coached that flipped Georgia’s trajectory is willing to push this hard for the change; then I’m going to support (just one little guy of a lot more people more influential and powerful than I would ever be). So please don’t be too butt-hurt over my opinion folks – it’s just one opinion.


    • Kirby is already “whining” about it.


  6. munsonlarryfkajim

    Pretty obvious where the Senator stands on this topic.

    Ever think Kirby is playing chess here? I’m not sure what his ultimate goal is – maybe it’s as simple as what he has said about recruiting – but I’m pretty sure he has thought thru things, and like his mentor, his words are chosen carefully and there is a motive/goal behind every statement.

    For me, Kirby has earned my trust and if he wants to do something that he thinks will make our program better, I support him.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Kirby isn’t infallible. There’s actually a good example that’s directly related to the ‘recruiting outweighs every other factor’ stance. Look no further than the Coley promotion. Promoting the uber-recruiter Coley beyond his coaching ability was a complete fiasco – and entirely Kirby’s doing.

      Destroying the tradition of Jax to ‘maybe’ land a small number of recruits (who would be slightly better than piers we would sign anyway) seems beyond foolish.

      I truly hope this is just a negotiating ploy by Kirby & UGA. Because I can’t believe they’d be so dull-witted as to actually end this series.

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  7. Bulldawg Bill

    I’ve said it before, here goes again,

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  8. W Cobb Dawg

    The powers that be better be damn careful about what they wish for, because they might get it. The Jax game is equivalent to a mid season bowl or playoff, with plenty of pomp & circumstance. Walking away leaves a giant gap to be filled for television.

    Does anyone actually believe that other schools or venues won’t look to fill the gap? If I were the folks in Jax, I’d have FSU and Clemson on speed dial. And the networks would be happy to help.


  9. uga97

    Gosh, that vibe after our huge win over the gators in Athens is a perspective no one these last few generations has. Sure would be nice to experience it, with recruits.


  10. Harold Miller

    Is is just me, or does it seem the the people that complain the most about moving the WLOCP to home and home are the ones who don’t attend regularly?


  11. Harold Miller

    oops. “that the”


  12. mg4life0331

    Yeah but does Aaron know it doesn’t matter? It’s for the money, not anything else above.



    Growing up in SSI, it was a special week for sure. I remember as a pre teen and then a teenager, running down to the beach once the game started hoping to find an ounce left in those kegs or maybe discover a forgotten can of beer. It’s also the weekend I learned what it was to enjoy a bloody mary on Sunday mornings! Call me selfish but I’m partial to leaving it in Jax.