A complete back?

Big, if true ($$):

“Kenny (McIntosh) has had a great camp,” Smart said. “He’s picked up pressures, played really physical, caught the ball out of the backfield. Everything that he wants to do at the next level in our offense, we have asked him to do, and he’s done a great job at that. Kenny would be the first to tell you he has to work hard and maintain his weight, take really good care of his body. I think coach Dell McGee has done a great job of taking care of Kenny. He’s done a good job.”  [Emphasis added.]

I don’t think your football expertise has to be particularly high to recognize that the weakest part of McIntosh’s game has been pass protection.  If he’s really made significant strides in that department, it would be one of those little things that turns out to play a big role in making Georgia’s offense click.



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  1. I just came here to say…

    eye heart dell mcgee

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    • godawgs1701

      I’ve been very nervous the last two offseasons about other programs taking note of his consistent excellence in recruiting and coaching. When he wore James Cook’s jersey on the sideline in the Sugar Bowl just to let him know that they were behind him after the loss of his father, that moved me in a way that a lot of things don’t, partly because it came close to the loss of my own dad. His players love him, they play so hard for him, and he’s a key piece of our program. When I was a sports reporter, I covered his teams at Carver-Columbus and they were great. Someone’s going to give him a shot as a college head coach someday, and I just hope it isn’t Auburn.

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      • We’re eventually going to lose McGee if he has a desire to be a coordinator or head coach.

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        • Down Island Way

          Considering what the UGA football RB room goes through, year in year out (studs stacked on studs), as fans we really get to see some really gooood guys at Sanford (the last 6/7 years for conversation), ya almost get the feeling Coach McGee enjoys what he doing and where he’s at, right now, cause he will answer that call, just not in Athens…GO DAWGS!

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          • I bet he gets a shot at the overall OC role if Monken decided to head back to the NFL or to take a college head coaching job.


            • Down Island Way

              Do you visualize the UGA football “OC” returning to the league, college HC, maybe, seeing the monies thrown around, he’s kind of in a sweet spot, I get “the Pittboss” taking a HC position and it’s kind of worked to this point, just don’t see the “OC” position coming open anytime soon at UGA football…But WTF do I know, other than “We bad, we nationwide”….GO DAWGS!


              • I hope that’s right. I would think if Monken were to leave, it would have to be a high Power 5 head coaching job like Lanning did for Oregon or an OC job working with a defensive-oriented head coach in the NFL. I don’t think he takes a Gof5 head coaching gig or puts himself through the hell it sounded like Cleveland was where he did everything except call plays on Sunday. In either case, someone would have to pay a big premium to get him.


  2. Biggen

    Going back and re-watching all the games last year, McIntosh is an excellent pass catcher. I’m seeing lots of wheel routes for him in our future and just straight lining him up outside like we did with Cook several times last year.

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    • practicaldawg

      By the way, if while defending that, you may also have to keep a eye on a couple of elite TEs. Good luck figuring out what to do with your slow LBs and small corners.

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      • Biggen

        Man what an exciting time to be alive! We have RBs and TEs that have elite speed and pass catching ability. Gotta be a nightmare for opposing DC. How do you get those LB ready??


  3. bulldogbry

    I’ve watched Kenny Mac’s juggling catch from the NC game umpteen times and I still don’t know how he caught that.

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  4. Anon

    I worry Milton can’t stay healthy long enough to keep Kenny in top shape for the long season.

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  5. I think this season will offer great opportunities for our backs. McIntosh is going to impress. If Milton heals up properly he will be a beast…and definitely don’t sleep on Edwards…I think he steps out and proves himself big time this year. Not just mop up duty for Edwards…Dell will have these young men ready…and our Oline will be much more efficient this season

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  6. Ozam

    Since when does Kirby heap praise on a player this early in the season?

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  7. The best pass protection is a punishing running game.

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  8. moe pritchett

    He’s gonna stay fresh too.
    We are h go on a have fresh backs all season

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    As someone who loves defensive football, I am afraid that I might see us go 15-0 by just outscoring people. Aw hell, I’ll just have to get over it. 😉

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  10. Migraine Boy

    Been a KMac jock rider since his first TD run. Hoping that my train-driving is justified this season


  11. If Kenny Mac really has improved his pass pro skills, he could play his way into a lot of money this fall. He doesn’t have a lot of wear on the tires and is a complete player with the ball in his hands.


  12. Yes, that late October drive that has used 8 running plays with KM2 to wear them down, now gets a dose of Edwards, Robinson, etc. and maybe an end around with Big 0……

    Disheartening to a defense.