The future’s so bright…

You’ll probably want to inject the AJ-C’s Georgia Tech preview directly into your veins.  [HINT:  It’s pretty grim.]

What could go wrong: With 17 transfers and 15 incoming freshmen added to the roster, more than one-third of the scholarship players on the team were not with the team last year. That’s a lot of players who are having to learn new teammates (and vice versa) and also the culture and processes that Collins has tried to instill in his first three seasons. Further, more than half of the coaching staff is new.

Before the season begins, coaches can try to put players into situations where their mettle is tested, and the crucible of the preseason is real. But, let’s say the Jackets open the season with losses to Clemson, Ole Miss and Central Florida to start 1-3. For good measure, imagine the losses aren’t close.

That’s a challenging place for any team, let alone one with so many new players and with a coaching staff with its future at stake. Would team leaders such as Sims and linebacker Ayinde Eley be able to keep the locker room together? If they can’t, things could go downhill quickly.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s gonna take much imagination to think the first three losses won’t be close.


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  1. godawgs1701

    Well, a seal or sea lion or whatever at the aquarium picked them to beat Clemson in the opener, so they’ve got that going for them. Which is nice.

    Of course, that sea lion wasn’t smart enough to be able to avoid ending up in a zoo so we have to keep that in mind as well.

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  2. Anon

    Running out of feathers for their tickle pile could go wrong. Supply chain issues

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    I’m convinced that the GT Administration doesn’t give two shits about competing in football. I return the favor by not caring about their football team.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    What is even more depressing for dwindling members Bug Nation is the calculus that will go on behind the scenes of their cash-strapped Athletics Association in regards to keeping Collins another year because they can’t afford to fire him vs. firing him and paying the buyout money this year because they can’t afford not to fire him.

    Their school has for so long taken in that sweet foreign cash by making it so difficult for in state students to be accepted but making it easier for foreign students to come that it has flipped their alumni base. The majority of people who graduate from the NATS don’t care about football, or any American sport, and never will. They take their degrees and go back from whence they came, and the Bugs can count on them never donating a single dollar to NATS athletics.

    Chasing that foreign money instead of investing in molding American minds and hearts. I think they call that cutting off your nose to spite your face. They might as well just shut down their athletics department now to save themselves the pain later.

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  5. Russ

    I’m betting Collins won’t lose to Georgia for a third consecutive time.

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    Diego cares though

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  7. If we don’t beat them by at least 49 on our own turf this year, Jere Morehead needs to put a reprimand in Kirby’s personnel file.

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  8. Does Coach Capri Pants bribe the electronic clock operator before the game in Athens to keep the clock moving?

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  9. Texas Dawg

    With all those transfers and freshmen, how long does it take for their GI system to adjust to a good greasy Waffle House meal w/o having to make a break for the facilities with little to no notice?

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s my understanding they are fully prepared and can’t wait for the start of Dragon Con.

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  11. practicaldawg

    Is this coaching staff’s future really at stake? I’m not seeing a lot of uncertainty in their future.


  12. originaluglydawg

    Bless their pea pickin’ hearts.


  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Dear Ken Sugiura,
    Hope in one hand and spit in the other.
    See which one fills up first.
    Everyone Who Actually Understands College Football

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  14. muttleyagain

    “That’s a lot of players who are having to learn new teammates (and vice versa) and also the culture…”

    Shouldn’ they be trying to >stop< them from learning the culture?