Random bits of juicy goodness

A few things to look at today:

  • I tell you what – he doesn’t post much at The National Championship Issue, but what does get posted is always a great read.  Today, there’s a look at ranking the conferences by percentages of upset wins.  Pretty cool stuff.
  • The more I see about this kid, the happier I am that he’s an Oklahoma Sooner, as opposed to a Georgia Bulldog.  And Josh, based on that free style rap I saw, don’t quit your day job, man.
  • Ryan Perrilloux deals with life after Les.  I wonder what the club scene in Jacksonville, Alabama is like.
  • ESPN asks Is the Big 12 the nation’s toughest conference?
  • This has the potential to be awkward.  Will CBS promote it during its broadcasts?
  • Nice picture.
  • OK, Georgia Tech’s had its flagboys.  But Michigan with a male twirler?  Damn, son, that ain’t right.
  • One thing about SEC East scenarios:  they always seem to end with a sad comment about South Carolina’s history.


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5 responses to “Random bits of juicy goodness

  1. What’s the hang-up with the CBS CFB fantasy league? U-Sports.com has been hosting CFB fantasy leagues with all the features of the pro leagues for a few years now.


  2. You don’t think running the risk of pissing off the NCAA is a big deal here?


  3. Loved the pic, but not as much as the one I saw recently of Hawaii’s quarterback, head in hands, that said, “Welcome to big boy football.” Kinda mean I know, but still apropos.


  4. dean

    I have to agree with you about JJ. I hate to use the word “thug” because it usually carries racial overtones but that’s the first thing that came to mind after watching his rap video, which was horrible by the way. The Seminole rap was better than that.

    Also love the picture. I got off the dawgbone a couple of weeks ago for my screen saver.


  5. Male baton twirlers, or twirlers of any kind are gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but at a football game, who really wants to watch that business.