Does Rodney Garner want to coach in Austin one day?

One of my favorite bloggers, Jerry Hinnen over at The Joe Cribbs Car Wash, in speculating about whether Coach Garner is being interviewed for something other than the unoccupied head coaching position at Auburn, has this to say:

… I seriously doubt Garner’s actually in the running for the head job, but the hypothetical “Garner comes aboard as the DC” scenario is worth discussing. The first question to ask is if Garner would be willing to make the jump out of Athens; given his oft-stated goal of becoming a head coach and how useful the Auburn DC position has been in achieving that goal in recent years, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t. [Emphasis added.]

Hmm… and I thought the recent purpose of the Auburn DC position was as an audition for a similar job working for Mack Brown.  Seriously, Garner doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who’s looking for one of those coach-in-waiting slots like Muschamp (who’s 5 or 6 years younger than Garner).

Besides that, Garner’s current head coach doesn’t think he needs any seasoning as a coordinator to achieve his ultimate goal.

… Richt said that the role of head coach doesn’t necessarily require experience as a coordinator anyway. He said the head coach’s job is more like a CEO, and Garner’s personality makes him an excellent fit for such a role.

“I think today people understand that the head coach doesn’t necessarily have to be a coordinator,” Richt said. “Now he’s been a recruiting coordinator, but I think that at one time that was more important than it is today. I don’t see it being as important. Head coaches nowadays are more of a CEO in nature, and if you hire the right people to coordinate your offense and defense, you can do extremely well.”


UPDATE: The inevitable rumor surfaces.  Jeezus – is there an SEC head coaching opening in the last four years to which Spurrier hasn’t had his name linked?


UPDATE: They’re interviewing Todd Graham?  Good grief, this guy makes Bobby Petrino look like Woody Hayes from a loyalty standpoint.  Per Wikipedia, “It was later revealed that none of his negotiations with Rice were in earnest, as he was negotiating his contract with Tulsa during the breaks in the Rice contract negotiations.” You hire this guy, you’ll get exactly what you deserve, Auburn.  Plus, my bet is that Malzahn gets offered the Tulsa job if Graham leaves, which means Auburn doesn’t even get the most attractive part of the hire.  If you’re Auburn, it makes more sense financially to eliminate the middleman if it’s high octane offense you’re after.


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12 responses to “Does Rodney Garner want to coach in Austin one day?

  1. Well, Chizik is already a head guy, Muschamp is a coach-in-waiting, and even Rhoads got an interview with Utah St. So even if it helps in an intermediate sort of way with Texas acting as the middle-man more often than not … I’d say it still helps!

    (David Gibbs? Don’t know who you’re talking about. *whistles*)


  2. dean

    What happened to Turner Gill at Buffalo? Last I heard he was the top candidate for the AU job. From what he’s done at Buffalo that might not be a bad hire.
    I know it just a rumor but AU would be wise to avoid Spurrier like the freaking plague. He’s lost his team in Columbia and just seems to be riding out his contract.


  3. I think Auburn’s AD has interviewed five or so possibles at this point, Gill being one of them.

    If you want to keep up with what’s going on there, Jerry’s blog is a good place to go for info (and angst).


  4. JasonC

    Spurrier’s agent always “leaks” that he is a candidate so the Visor can get a pay bump to cover greens fees.

    However, if it is true, which I doubt, there is more possibility of success on the plains than in South Carolina’s suckiest city.


  5. Pawleys Dawg

    South Carolina isn’t called the graveyard of coaches for nothing. At least three national champion coaches (Dietzel, Holtz, Spurrier) and many lesser lights have had otherwise good reputations diminished by a stint in Columbia.

    You’d think coaches would leave South Carolina and improve their lot, but can anyone think of a head coach who left South Carolina and went on to bigger and better things? Any dig here is unintentional. It just is what it is.

    You almost feel for the Chicken Curse victims living here on the Grand Strand. Besides, imagine Spurrier on ESPN. Talk about hoof and mouth disease!


  6. Ally

    Word is Ellis Johnson is a serious candidate for the Miss State job. If he makes the jump maybe the RKE will take Willie off our hands as his replacement!

    Dare to dream folks!


  7. From the get-go, I’ve been saying we need to hire Tuberville as our new D-coordinator. Sure, we’d probably only have him for one season, two tops, before he found another HC gig, but those would be two great years. He wouldn’t need any additional motivation to chew Auburn’s offense up and spit them out, that’s for sure.


  8. Kit

    I highly doubt CRG would take any other position other than HC at Auburn right now because if he did, and the current coach gets let go, then CRG will not be someone that is retained. Auburn is notorious for cleaning house and unless it is THE gig for CRG, he ain’t going.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name pop up with some lesser schools and see him jump if Auburn goes with someone else though. Auburn may be his dream job, but his dream career is to be a HC.


  9. mant

    Mississippi State has hired Dan Mullen as it’s new HC, according to the WWL.


  10. That’s not a bad hire at all by MSU, presuming Mullen brings in a good DC.


  11. mant

    That was my thought as well. Anything that takes away from UF is a good thing. I’m submitting Willie’s Resume to MSU and Dan Mullen. 🙂


  12. Coastal Dawg

    I have nightmares about Coach Garner going to AU and taking Coach Searles with him. It was CRG that “recruited” CSS to come to Athens.