Thursday morning buffet

Grab a plate before the line gets too long.

  • The Independence Bowl, once sponsored by a yard tool known as a “Weed Eater”, now tries its luck being sponsored by a multi-vitamin.  Glamor resides in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  • And from the same article, we learn that Junior can’t count:  “Three of them [SEC coaches] have won national championships.” Actually, it’s four, but that’s so in the past, it really doesn’t matter now.
  • Mike Slive threatens to fine SEC coaches who won’t “play nice”.
  • Florida 51, Tennessee 6.  You heard it here first.
  • Oh, and in case you were wondering, Tennessee-Florida will be CBS’ SEC TV opener.  Big surprise, there.
  • Mark Richt, dean of SEC coaches.
  • Anybody looking for a contemporary in the Greater Chicago area?  Bueller?  Bueller?


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3 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. kckd

    Sagacity’s preview of that game leaves a lot to be desired.

    Eric Berry is arguably one of the best in the conference? OK, it maybe be arguable that he IS the best, but there is no argument about him being one of the best.

    Also, UF’s defense is better than UT’s last year because they allowed less points? You think the fact that UT’s offense was awful and UF’s was incredible might have something to do with that?


  2. NCT

    If I could have that house in a remote spot in the hills along the Chattahoochee somewhere in Harris County or up in NE Georgia, all would be right in the world. How in the world did they get 5300 sq ft in there? In the alternative, I’d take the house with a similar feel from Lee’s film The Ice Storm. And in a perfect world, to toss in a dash of arts-and-crafts or Fallingwateresque flavor, give me the North by Northwest house in a suitable Georgia setting.