It’s lawyer time!

I wondered when we’d see the first of these announcements.

Meanwhile, Dean Legge points out that canning Damon Evans without compensation may not be the slam dunk everybody presumes it to be.

I’m guessing the next version of Georgia’s employment contract includes a “red panties” clause.


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8 responses to “It’s lawyer time!

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Looks like the action’s going to be on the phrase “normally understood meaning in employment contracts.”

    UGA’s lawyers will be telling Adams whether there’s authority out there to support summary judgment, and Evans’s lawyers will be stoking him up to try and get to a jury of his “peers.”

    For my money, some settlement money is going to change hands. I don’t think there’s a close enough drunk driving/red panties/crying case out there.


  2. DT

    Thank Gawd they were red at least… Imagine the hysteria that would ensue if the panties were, dare I say; Orange?!?!?!


  3. LRGK

    Angry and Sad at the same time.

    Favorite son disappoints in the town of Babylon.

    Not surprised that the language doesn’t cover this ill advised scenario. What a mess it is.

    Time for Damon to go to some of those ‘double A’ meetings, marriage counseling, and possibly some deep therapy. Get help Damon, get help!

    Time for UGA to move on down the road.


  4. 69Dawg

    This is a no win situation. If his contract contains a clause about not doing anything to cast a negative light on the University he is doomed. If it is the old no felony clause then he will get his money. I wish we could have just kept him on but demoted him.


  5. Vious

    Evans knows that his attorneys dragging this out will just have this story in the public eye even more

    I doubt he drags it out


  6. NRBQ

    Quite perceptive of you, Vious, given subsequent developments.