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It’s a long way down the holiday road.

I’m off to the hills of North Georgia for a brief vacation this week.  No Internet access, other than my trusty Blackberry, so posting will be limited.

That’s not to say I’m neglecting you guys.  I’ve got some stuff saved up that will be dribbled out during the week.  Reader polls will be involved.

Have a good time in my absence and try not to spill anything on the carpet.



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Monday morning buffet

Fall practice is just a week away.

  • Michael Elkon ponders Les Miles, CEO Coach.
  • It’s kind of scary, but Matt Hinton’s predictive summary of Georgia’s season is exactly what I’ve thought for the past month or so:  Mark Richt‘s record against Florida will fall to 2-8. But Georgia will ultimately return to the 10-win club and finish the season as one of the conference’s hottest teams, using an impressive Jan. 1 win as a springboard to becoming a chic pick to knock off the loaded Gators in 2011.”
  • Here’s this week’s tempest in a teapot.
  • Notice he didn’t say “wouldn’t” “… SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said Wednesday there still could be inter­est by other leagues to expand, but money shouldn’t be the driving force.”
  • Dan Beebe has gone from idiot to savior?  Riiiight.
  • Georgia Tech is so cool, even the team chaplain has a street cred nickname.  Heavy, man.
  • Excellent Junior-inspired lede, although I would have tossed a NASCAR reference in somewhere.
  • I’m reading all these Jeremiah Masoli-to-Ole Miss rumors all of a sudden, but without a waiver, how would the Nuttster get around the SEC rule prohibiting schools from taking players with less than two years of eligibility left?
  • Mark Richt is on the verge of a rare accomplishment.  (h/t The Wiz of Odds)


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He’s no Steve Taneyhill, that’s for sure.

Sounds like it’s been a fun offseason for Stephen Garcia and his coaches:

“I can’t go have a sandwich . . . without someone coming up and saying, ‘How’s that (expletive) Garcia doing?’ ” Mangus says. “There’s always a negative connotation toward him all the time.”


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