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Sunday morning buffet

Rise and shine, campers.



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Roll over Bryan Evans, and tell Bacarri Rambo the news.

Here’s a sea change in approach:

“We’re certainly going to give everyone of them a chance,” Grantham said. “I don’t mind playing young players. My philosophy is you play the best players. It’s a production business meaning that defense is about making plays so we’re going to evaluate the guys. The big thing with me is we’re going to evaluate productions and also loafs, making sure they’re running to the ball.

“If we’re evaluating guys on that, and a freshman is coming on and doing the kinds of things we’re asking I think it enhances your team because they see, ‘Hey I really can see the field. I don’t have to wait until I’m a sophomore or a junior. I can do it now.’ I think that’s the fairest way — to let the players that have earned the right to play, let them play.”

And before somebody says it, just because this is the way things should be, doesn’t mean I can’t get excited about Grantham’s philosophy.  It was missing the past few seasons.


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