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Old beer in new bottles

Image via Danwei

If you’re concerned about the inevitability of the People’s Republic of China becoming master of the planet, this exercise in American commercial ingenuity should give you some relief.

Wait ’til you see the marketing plans for Thunderbird wine.

(h/t Jonathan Chait)



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Must (Ess Eee) See TV

Here’s the TV schedule for the first three weeks of the season.

One good thing about the nooners in Athens is that at least I can get back home in time for the evening offerings.


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“I’m like a stallion. You just let me run.”

Atlanta Magazine has entitled its August edition “The Football Issue”.  In it, you’ll find a quick interview with Herschel Walker (or simply “Herschel”, since he points out that “When they talk about me, they don’t have to say my last name.”) that’s a great read.

A few high points:

  • Georgia wasn’t his first choice, because it was where his parents wanted him to go.  He flipped a coin over the decision three times.  He pulled Georgia all three times.
  • He didn’t think Coach Dooley liked him much.
  • He says the biggest freebie he got in his time in school was a meal.
  • He flipped a coin about leaving early for the pros, too.  Only once.
  • He got a letter from Frank Sinatra about leaving for the USFL that said, “Congratulations, I think you made the right decision.”

As a bonus, there’s also a piece with Kenny Pauley, who’s UGA’s Director of athletic turf and grounds which has this story:

When Arizona State showed up, we caught one of ’em tryin’ to take a leak in the hedge.  We got him real good.  He won’t do it again.

The magazine isn’t online, so if you want to read the details, hit the newsstands.


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Thursday morning buffet

I haven’t been to Miami in years, for what it’s worth.

  • Bruce Feldman says Nick Saban’s threat to bar the NFL from college campuses has scouts running scared.
  • As for agents, Urban Meyer asks the right question about the NFL and NFLPA:  “At times I would question that, why would they care?”
  • Feel free to draw your own conclusions from this.
  • If you’re wondering how the hierarchy of penalties and sanctions would work in what he refers to as “Agentpalooza”, The Bylaw Blog has your answers.
  • Shakin the Southland does its usual bang-up analysis with this break down of Gus Malzahn’s offense.  It’s an excellent read.
  • No shit, Sherlock.
  • Don’t miss David Hale’s farewell to arms.
  • That Derek Dooley can be quite a guy sometimes.
  • And I think UT missed the boat with this decision.  I bet the fan base would love to have any excuse to tear a picture of Junior’s mug in half.


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Random Hoover thought

There’s something about the combination of Clay Travis, Mark Richt and pimps that leaves me wondering if there’s an uncomfortable question coming up in the near future at SEC Media Days.


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