About Todd Grantham’s hotness…

For the AJ-C, Todd Grantham’s professional ambition is like that loose tooth you had as a kid… you just can’t leave it alone.  Today, high school recruits across the Southeast get some helpful direction from Michael Carvell:

…  Grantham is the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, and he’s considered one of the college football’s brightest minds. Recruits want to play for him because he has NFL coaching experience, and they think that he can help put them in excellent position get to the league. Those are the positives.

The negative for any elite defensive recruit that is considering UGA is this: Will Grantham, who got NFL feelers this off-season, still be around to coach me in a few years?

What do you think? Do you think Grantham will still be at UGA in a few years?

Because Grantham is such a hot name in coaching circles, it likely cost the Bulldogs one linebacker recruit this past year and nearly lost them another.

Oh, please make sure you click on that first link of Carvell’s and check out the Naim Mustafaa story.  Grantham’s status is one of four possibilities Carvell explores – with Mustafaa’s coach.  Truly definitive.

Kids, here’s a better test for you.  When you’re sitting down with that coordinator or position coach you really like, ask him if he’s in the last job he’ll ever have.  If anybody says yes, he’s either sixty-five or lying to you.



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13 responses to “About Todd Grantham’s hotness…

  1. DawgPhan

    I would pay money to watch someone punch Carvell in the mouth.


  2. Ginny

    Sigh. I saw the headline and closed the window.


  3. 69Dawg

    So everyone is surprised by the AJC just making news rather than reporting it????


  4. Uglydawg

    I wonder if he would give the same advice to Alabama recruits….isn’t Saban potentially an NFL head coach? Carvell is grinding an ax. He needs his nuts kicked.


    • Merk

      Exactly…that is true of any good Coach, whether it be Head or assistant. I mean hell a school could get a coach a 6 year contract I guess, but it is not like the money is not there to pay buyouts, if someone else wants them bad enough. I mean Auburn is paying 3 coaching staffs atm if you include paying Tuberville and Chizik to go away.


  5. Dubyadee

    Interesting that this is such a hot topic for a school that has had remarkably low turnover among its coaching staff the past 12 years. Not sure there are many schools in the country who compare favorably.


  6. Will Trane

    TG is so freaking hot, the edges on the AJC print editions are scoorched. Yep, he be hot…hotter than a pepper pot. Hotter than some UGA coeds in be-ki-ni’s on an isloated beach in Florida this spring break. He is hot…ask Vandy or Florida. Yep, if I had a son 6′ 2″, 230 lbs, tracks east and west across the field like a laser, totally disrupts a QB’s thought process…he’d play for TG. Linebacker USA…it be located in Athens and classes are held between the beloved hedges on most Saturdays in the fall…guaranteed to be a top NFL pick. Why coach in the NFL when the money and the game is in the SEC…does the AJC think the Super Bowl was better than the SEC championship game this year. Most amazing thing to watch the past years with TG is how he breaks down a offense…he toys with Tech. If a kid can not see how much he can learn in one season under him…well, he should go to Auburn.


  7. gastr1

    “I really don’t understand how he would’ve been able to get into Oklahoma State midyear and not Georgia midyear.”

    Holy shit, you are an idiot, Coach. Academically, Oklahoma State is kinda like Valdosta State.


  8. heyberto

    The AJC’s conundrum… if TG is so freakin’ hot why the hell isn’t the Genius getting phone calls?


  9. Hotter than Georgia asphalt on the fourth of July


  10. Chris

    Brilliant! Hey was it just me or did anyone click on the links thinking there would be some (uh-hem) “sexy” pictures of TG? Well, the AJC dissapoints again!


  11. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    In contrast, a GT buddy of mine is perfectly fine keeping PJs because he doesn’t have to live with the fear that someone else wants his coach …


  12. harry your hands are freezing

    The NFL can have him. I don’t know how proven Will Grantham is anyway.