“He’s going to commit to me just like I’m committed to them.”

You know, if Michael Carvell wanted to do something entertaining that didn’t involve Georgia’s program, he might try calling up Nick Saban and ask if the coach has a reaction to this comment by Alabama’s newest commitment:

“Me and my dad talked last night, and we decided that I definitely needed to go ahead and commit to a school. It was because my head coach (at Camden) was leaving and we didn’t know what kind of coach is coming in, and if it would change anything. Also, spring practice is coming up, and, in case I get injured, I need to be committed to a school.”  [Emphasis added.]

That sure worked for Justin Taylor.

And before you say Nick Saban wouldn’t have time for that shit, don’t forget he’s made the time before.

Here’s hoping Mr. Bessent has a happy and healthy senior season.



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23 responses to ““He’s going to commit to me just like I’m committed to them.”

  1. Mike

    Read that this morning. Thought it was an intereting comment too. It’s too bad these kids parents can’t see through the $hit that is being slung. The other thought I had is that it seems Carvell has turned his job into one that is based solely on tweeting and writing stories about 17 year olds who didn’t sign with Georgia. I could sign with Alabama and Carvell would make a stink that a UGA alum, albeit one that can barely bench press 135lbs 10 times, committed to Alabama over UGA.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Off-topic, did you guys know David Greene did a reality show for MLB Network where quarterbacks compete for a spring training invite as a knuckleball pitcher? It is on now. Good stuff.


    • Gravidy

      Yep. Saw it. He finished second to a former professional baseball player with a short stint in the majors. Not bad.


  3. Derek

    Someone needs to send this young man a tape of Darius philon at last year’s signing day.


  4. Uglydawg

    At least this kid is thinking about things and talking with what, refreshingly, is an involved father.. I just hope they run across someone that will give them honest guidance about all of this. Saban’s got some long tentacles. Here’s wondering if he can really use all the talent he’s hording.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Well, that’s the Bama way. It doesn’t matter if Saban uses them all or not. Sign all that they can so Bama’s rivals won’t get them, that’s their motto.


      • Gravidy

        OK… I’m all for bashing some of Saban’s recruiting practices, but have we really been reduced to opposing him on the grounds that he signs more talent than he needs? I hope not.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Matt Cassell: played tight end at USC, became starting QB in NFL. USC would always sign 2 or 3 top QBs every class. Everyone knew that only 1, at best, would stick – but that 1 would have an inside track on being a top 10 draft pick. No one complained about it. They all knew the drill. They took their shot at being the 1.

    That’s sorta where ‘Bama’s at right now with RB, LB, and DB. Scary.

    Question: It sucks to pull an offer from a kid because he got injured during his senior year of HS. Why does that suck more than pulling the scholly on an injured sophomore or junior? Why is (A) reprehensible but (B) totally acceptable? Because (B) happens all the time, and no one ever writes a story.


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      sophomore or junior in college


    • 202dawg

      “happens all the time AT BAMA…”



      • /Sabanstepsoverconvulsingbodies


      • ASEF

        Disagree. Saban can’t simultaneously be guilty of forcing kids to take medical redshirts (which is not pulling their scholarship, just their spot on the team) and pulling scholarships because they got injured.

        If a school should honor the scholarship of a kid injured in high school, then it should honor the scholarship of a kid injured while playing for the school. But most schools – FBS, FCS, whatever – just cut the players, and it’s considered perfectly acceptable.

        I’m not saying this exonerates Saban of anything. I just think he’s a lightning rod for criticism personally which probably needs directing at the enterprise at large. It’s a Saban problem – but it’s also a CFB problem.


  6. Macallanlover

    So Bessent, his father, and his coach didn’t have concerns about Saban honoring a scholly? Say what? If I were looking for a scholarship as an “insurance policy” in case of injury, it would be hard for me to put anyone BELOW Alabama.

    I can understand some recruits choosing the Tide for other reasons, but looking for compassion would steer me away from Saban’s Alabama. The discarded bodies are piled high due to the deliberate oversigning policies of Little Nicky.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Kids say the darnedest things. Next he’ll say he’s going to bama for the academics!


  8. IndyDawg

    I’m certain Saban doesn’t share the same definition of “commitment” with this young man and his father. Good luck with that.


  9. No one is going to mention the line at the end? His rating and stars on the sites “… will likely get bumped up even higher because he committed to Alabama. “


  10. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


  11. Bulldog Joe

    A medical hardship scholarship is still a scholarship.