‘Your school is hard, and you don’t have any fun.’

Do you ever get the feeling that when Paul Johnson complains about coaches negatively recruiting against Georgia Tech, he’s including himself?

After all, it’s kind of a tradition on the Flats.


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14 responses to “‘Your school is hard, and you don’t have any fun.’

  1. Skeeter

    Carvell and Johnson should get a room.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “You know, it’s like I tell kids all the time: I’ve never seen the University of the SEC.”

    With that one-liner, CPJ:

    (a.) engages in imaginary negative recruiting by using an imaginary school;
    (b.) takes a stab at stand-up;
    (c.) is not looking hard enough; or
    (d.) thinks recruits are that stupid.


  3. I’m telling you, Senator, The Johnson is going to force us to come up with a superlative greater than “Chantastic.’ He’s really thrown down the gauntlet.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I hope Johnson coaches Tech forever. The Nerds will never be a threat to UGA as long as he’s there. Weird O, no D and he can’t recruit. History shows us that Tech can be a serious program with the right coach (Bobby Dodd, George O’Leary, Bobby Ross) but Johnson clearly isn’t the answer for them. Fortunately, the Techsters aren’t very quick on the uptake and Johnson will probably be there for quite a while. For guys that think they are so smart they really are stupid.


    • WFdawg

      If they gave him a ten-year extension, I’d be willing to chip in.


    • Dog in Fla

      After being Paul Hewitted and dealing with the charm of this one, maybe they should stop hiring coaches named Paul. Bama finally learned to stop hiring coaches named Mike.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    So the M-Train is world class now?


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  7. Spike

    CPJ has quite the bedside manner.


  8. uglydawg

    And… post Reggie…GT QB recruits are required to demonstrate to CPJ that they can count to four. It’s tough over there at Tech.