The special teams shuffle

Hmm… do I detect a slight undertone of snark from Brother Weiszer here?

It’s become an annual offseason issue to address for Georgia in recent years.

Fixing what ails the Bulldogs on special teams.

“Certainly we’ve got to get some better answers in our special teams,” coach Mark Richt said. “It doesn’t necessarily mean changing any coaches on what they do or all that kind of thing, but I’m going to make that a point of emphasis for myself and our staff and give them carte blanche to take trips of maybe bring people in to really solidify what we’re doing and be certain we’re doing the right things schematically and technically.”

Richt said that before the offseason of 2012.

Okay, maybe.  But maybe I’m not quite sure.

Richt said back in 2011 that he expected a “high sense of urgency on our special teams to become more than just decent.”

Most Georgia fans would settle for decent as a starting point.

Why, yes!  Yes, I do.

If you’re a beat writer, look on the bright side:  at least Richt isn’t making you work hard for new material.  For the rest of us, decent would be a nice change.


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12 responses to “The special teams shuffle

  1. Sure ’nuff ‘n Yes I Do!
    Don’t know why that popped into my head. Haven’t listened to Captain Beefheart in quite a while. Maybe the thought of special teams triggers flash backs.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I forgot who said this first but it’s still true: “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.”


    • My Father use to say “If you do what you’ve always done. You will get what you’ve always gotten.” He used to wear me out with that phrase. I think Einstein got the ball rolling with his Definition of Insanity. I used that on my sons and they always tilted their heads and arched their eyebrow at me. lol. With the production we’ve had at special teams (hidden yards) I would settle for “You can’t always get what you want
      But if you try sometime you find
      You get what you need.”

      Man the rain is coming down!!!!!


  3. Mike Cooley

    I don’t know why this is such a riddle to Richt. And I think back to after the South Carolina game when Loose Boltz sat there with a straight face and lambasted our special teams while pointing out how great they were when Fabris was on staff.


  4. Bulldoggemes

    We recycle everything at Georgia: continuity, better special teams, what else have we recycled? I’m tired of this garbage, just good enough to keep our hopes up every year


  5. Nashville West

    North Texas’ special teams hung 14 points on the Dawgs!!!! The lights are on in Athens but nobody’s home.


  6. Coastal Dawg

    I got a copy of Munsons greatest calls of the Richt era for Christmas. Wow is it painful to watch as it pertains to special teams. Before 2005, our special teams were just that, SPECIAL. We ran back punts, kickoffs, blocked punts and basically changed some game for the positive. You can sense a tangible difference in the ST philosophy. Maybe I will send my copy to CMR.


  7. NoAxeToGrind

    The situation with special teams sort of sums Richt up in a nutshell. Why make an effort? No big deal. You got what you got.


  8. mcTryre

    Of course – as many all-is-well Dawg fans retort – CMR wants to win as much if not more than fans do. The deficiency with underperforming coaches – especially the older and more entrenched ones – is often a stubborn unwillingness to reevaluate their methods and change. Poor overall ST, average-to-poor D, game management (timeouts, personnel rotations) and recruiting lapses (roster planning, OT and, until recently, RB) are all symptoms of the problem. Assessing CMR’s 2006-13 performance by citing where the program was before he arrived is well-intentioned but unsound by prevailing performance management principles. Equally stubborn, countervailing insistence that CMR has to win SEC titles every 1-2 years is also unrealistic. Tough schedules, injuries and other attrition, poor officiating and “freak plays” generally afflict our opposing teams and programs and cannot continue to be cited as excuses for deficiencies that are more a trend than a season- or game-specific phenomena. One spin on the “loyalty to UGA” comment is that CMR has a commitment to his players to develop them and put them in a position to succeed on the field and in life. He’s demonstrated an ability to put players into the NFL and help turn man children into men rather than thugs and miscreants. However, he’s lately failed in building teams (talent meets coaching – all 3 phases) around championship-level talent (Stafford-Moreno-Green and Murray-Gurley-Lynch stand out). PLEASE, Coach Richt, regain your competitive edge and commit to contending for titles again!!!!


    • Joe Schmoe

      I could be wrong, but didn’t we contend for 2 of the last 3 SEC titles? Didn’t we win 30 games in the past three years even including this year when everything went wrong? Don’t get me wrong, there are issues to b fixed, but the sky definitely isn’t falling.