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You gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Yep, Nick Saban’s hire of Junior is already bearing fruit.

Even the presence of Lane Kiffin, Alabama’s new and heralded offensive coordinator, couldn’t help the Crimson Tide keep the one of the best quarterbacks the school has ever recruited.

Ricky Town, who is ranked as the nation’s No. 2 pro-style QB for 2015, announced on Twitter on Saturday that he had de-committed from Alabama.

The 6-foot-4 quarterback from Ventura, Calif., had committed to Alabama last summer, and the Crimson Tide became nervous when he made an unofficial visit last week to USC (Kiffin’s former employer).

Alabama’s Nick Saban tried to salvage Town’s commitment last week, making a recruiting trip to St. Bonaventure high school. It didn’t work…

Color me shocked.  Evidently a Kiffin-less Southern Cal looks a lot more attractive to Town now.  Go figure.



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Another day, another coach

This sounds pretty definite.

So how does everyone feel about Nick Fairley’s position coach coming to Athens?


UPDATE:  Marc Weiszer reports that Richt was name dropping on the recruiting trail yesterday.


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A position coach without a position

The Sherrer hire is made official, which was expected.  But he hasn’t been assigned a specific slot on the staff, which wasn’t.

Georgia confirmed in a release Friday that Kevin Sherrer, who was South Alabama’s defensive coordinator last season, will join the Bulldogs’ coaching staff as a defensive assistant.

The position Sherrer will be responsible for wasn’t included on the release. Sources have said Sherrer is most likely to coach linebackers, but that could change depending on two other hires the program will be making.

Jeremy Pruitt is one flexible dude and I guess Sherrer may turn out to be the Swiss Army Knife of the staff.  In any event, it sounds like Richt is keeping his powder dry for the best possible hire for the remaining two defensive coaching positions.  (Chip Towers speculates that Georgia could be doing this to keep open the option of hiring a dedicated special teams coach, but I doubt it. Although if there’s a position coach out there with special teams expertise, I’m sure that would be seen as a major plus.)

Georgia’s certainly gone about its business this time in a different way than before.


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There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke.

There are on occasion these little sublime moments that I’m lucky to experience and appreciate for what they are as they unfold.  Such was the case last night.  I had a few friends, most of whom are Georgia fans, over at my house.  I order some pizza to be delivered.  The pizza delivery guy shows up – I shit you not – wearing a Georgia Tech windbreaker.  And I get him off my porch in the traditional way.  I could barely withhold the laughter until I got my door closed.

My life is the opposite of a Stingtalk punchline.  For which I’m eternally grateful.


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