“… I had to wonder if I ever would have this opportunity again.”

Tell me, what looks worse – a program coming off a national title losing its defensive coordinator in a lateral move for more money to a “lesser program”, or a program losing its defensive coordinator to a superior program for less money and responsibility?

That’s gotta sting, Bert.


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  1. ScoutDawg

    I was always more amused by ArKansas than aggravated, until Bobby. Now, however, I just love this shit.


  2. ScoutDawg

    Sorry to repeat myself Senator, apparently effin Chuck Oliver reads you every day.


  3. The day that Georgia is a lesser program than FSU has not yet arrived. Even Bobby Bowden knows that. Georgia is a much better job than FSU for many reasons.

    Just because we’ve struggled the last 9 years doesn’t change that. I don’t care what the FSU people say. And the tradition doesn’t even hold a candle. When I first started going to FSU games (from SOWEGA) their football program was only 6 years old.

    Bowden was always in awe of Georgia’s tradition in private. Richt knew that, and I recall some of the assistants he brought from FSU gawking about it once they got to Athens and took a look.

    But, short memories seem to be the order of the day. But that doesn’t make ’em right.


  4. Tim Rankine

    Bret asks that you not call him Bert, Senator. Says it’s too humiliating.


  5. 69Dawg

    What’s the Florida Women’s College bitching about now?


  6. Q

    The dislike for Coach Karma is strong here considering his distance from our program. I expect some bubbling over before that game.


  7. Joe Schmoe

    The most interesting thing about this to me is that the OSU AD was smart enough not to make this a “who’s got the biggest” contest and didn’t pay anymore than necessary to get this coach. That is in pretty stark contrast to what we see from most ADs these days.


  8. Signal Mtn Dawg

    Hate to create a negative comment, but UGA is not the nationally elite program that our rabid fan base thinks we are. What UGA is nationally is a respected program that is viewed as solid, good, but not with the upper echelon, truly revered programs. Although our program has had its moments, we are not considered from a “traditional” elite like USC, Texas, Bama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, etc.
    UGA is part of the next wave…..usually good ….knocking on the door at times, and once in a blue moon claim elite status.
    I travel nationally and know this first hand.

    LSU is considered more of a national elite program today due to their consistency and winning big games in prime time. The last decade has been good for LSU.
    But look at UGA…after Dooley, we went through Goff and Donnan with some pretty good teams in there, but nothing to brag about. Richt quickly built up UGA but have not won an SEC title game since 2005.

    UGA needs to have a good long run and actually do something on a national stage instead of coming close every once in a while.

    Tradition? Yes, we have a great tradition, but so does Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, …which all have winning records in head to head vs. UGA.


  9. AusDawg85

    Since 2000, UGA is 6th in wins in the FBS, only LSU has more in the SEC.
    Since 1980 UGA is 9th, only FL has more in the SEC.
    Since 1869 UGA is 10th, only Bama and TN have more in the SEC.

    Perhaps you need to travel among a better crowd.


    • Bulldawg165

      Since 2000, there have been 26 spots in the BCS NCG. Georgia took none of those spots.

      Since 2000, there have been 104 spots in BCS bowls. If I’m not mistaken, Georgia took three.

      We are a consistently above average but seldom great team. This quote by Signal Mtn Dawg seems spot on: “UGA is part of the next wave…..usually good ….knocking on the door at times, and once in a blue moon claim elite status.”