Friday morning buffet

There’s always something to grab.

  • Talk about preparation:  Mike Ekeler watched every snap last season of the Bulldogs’ special teams before his interview with Richt.  Talk about being a glutton for punishment, too.
  • Based on recruiting rankings, which teams and coaches were the biggest over and under achievers?
  • ESPN is set to announce that the 2014 college football season will begin at its earliest point in 11 years.
  • Here are some details from the third day of hearings on whether the National Labor Relations Board should certify the Northwestern players’ unionization request.
  • And here is a listing of the spring practice start dates and spring game dates for all 14 SEC schools.
  • Charlie Pierce uses Mark Richt to mock Georgia pols’ attempt to let guns on campus.
  • Arkansas’ plan to modify its school color leads to a post about color scales that probably has more information than you could possibly care about.  But since it also mentions Georgia, what the hell.
  • MaconDawg wonders if Georgia’s 2015 recruiting indicates that future offensive changes are a possibility.


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20 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. SouthGaDawg

    Lamar Jackson looks a lot like Colin Kapernic on film. It will be interesting to see if the UGA offense evolves into something more like AU. I just can’t see a kid like this seeing UGA as an option (no pun intended). For next year, is platooning QBs a possibility? I’m not a fan of it although it would allow us to utilize some of those spread option schemes better.


    • Ol Dawg

      Bauta looked much the same on his HS highlights reel. I wonder if we might see him on the field using his legs a little this year.


  2. I actually enjoyed reading that article about the color schemes. Color is a funny thing, as alluded to in the article, the same color can look very different depending on what it is applied to. Just as a very basic example, if you have a laptop with a 2nd monitor hooked to it, or just two monitors that aren’t identical, drag that screen back and forth between the monitors. Odds are that the colors will look noticeably different between the screens.


    • gastr1

      Perception of color is also affected by what other colors are adjacent to a hue. Example: the two red hues in this image are actually the same. Zoom way in and you’ll see…the difference is that the lighter reds are surrounded by white and the darker reds are surrounded by green (which appears to deepen and darken the hue). This concept is called simultaneous contrast.

      (Yeah, science!)


      • I used to have a job where we had to do a decent amount of printing for Apple, and you know how particular they are about their logo, had to get just the right shade of red. Even just changing the brand of paper would cause issues……..papers could be the same weight, same brightness rating, etc, but the color would come out noticeably different.

        Cool link though, yeah when zoomed out, totally look like different shades.


        • Normaltown Mike

          my wife worked in marketing years back for a company that had the misfortunate of picking an obscure shade of burgundy for the logo. The logo looked great but the problem was so few printers could match it. They ultimately hired a marketing research firm and switched to a very common navy blue.


      • JR

        so is that what was wrong with the red power ranger outfits in the georgia dome? 🙂

        …amongst the host of other quality control issues ie cleats actually gripping turf, helmets staying on, OL false starting.. oh wait, that last one wasn’t due to the uniforms.


      • You have no argument from me. As a web/graphics designer I’ve experienced my fair share of time trying to explain this type of information to my clients.

        Perception of color is also affected by who views it and when … among many other outside influences. We all perceive … that’s why it’s called “perception.” Perception can be defined as: “the way that you notice or understand something using one of your senses” …

        In any case, it appears that Arkansas is about to go through what UGA went through a couple of years ago with their “re-branding” … with maybe them not having to change any of their logos, etc.


    • I worked at a screen printer for a bit in college. Arkansas red and South Carolina red were the same colors for us then, so I’m surprised their “change” is to what we were always using.


    • Gravidy

      My company sells equipment to schools who often are very particular about matching their colors. Sometimes it can be an adventure. Multiple times in the past, I’ve been told that one of our standard colors was unacceptable – only to be given a paint number or a Pantone number along with a physical sample such as a hat, tee shirt, or game program – at which point I had to tactfully inform the customer that one of our “unacceptable” standard colors was much closer to the Pantone number than the physical sample they provided. Sometimes they are unaffected by that conversation and continue to insist that I match their sample – at which point, I have to ask them which of the two or three different “identical” and “critically important” samples they want me to match.

      Hey, the customer is always right, you know. 😉


  3. Bulldawg165

    I hope the gun bill passes


  4. Kevin

    Not buying the change in offensive philosophy just yet. Aaron Murray was also a running QB in high school. Ramsay has put on close to 25 lbs. He will be a pocket passer primarily. I do see us using Bauta in special situations, but not an overall change in philosophy.


  5. 69Dawg

    Coach Ekeler meet Mr. Rankin ILB let the culture shock begin.


  6. I like barbeque. The large Buttwich Basket is a go to item for lunch and you won’t want supper. A while back my old college roommate and HS buddy asked me to look at an up-fit project with him that included a clubhouse and tx facility. He went through Georgia LAR program and is partners in a nice firm in California. Mostly golf course stuff and the majority of it overseas Large Asian clientele. I took a red eye flight and when I got there he and one of the guys in his company picked me up. On the drive through town I noticed a “ButHut” sign and remarked that it was cool and we should go there. No one said anything. Later he asked me about it. I said: Hey, they have great barbecue. He then laughed and said: “It’s a bar.”
    Me: “Oh.”