Bo Bounds knows Georgia football, or at least he’s sure he does.

I guess this comes with trying to be the best provocative sports radio talk you can be, but this Bounds fella followed up his slam-bang performance on Finebaum (which evidently generated some pushback from the Georgia side) by inviting Dave Bartoo on his show (click the link here) to do some more Richt slapping.

Now I think Bartoo does an excellent job with his analysis and if somebody wants to argue that Richt has underachieved, especially in his last five seasons, don’t expect me to argue.

But I’m afraid Bounds’ enthusiasm for making his point got the better of Dave there.  A large part of the discussion centers around Georgia’s recruiting, and I can’t figure out if they’re jumping Richt’s case for not doing better on the recruiting trail (Bounds cites that terrific analysis David Ching did about how many SEC and P5 recruits come from Georgia) or if it’s a matter of Richt having not done better with what he’s had.  I can buy the latter, but make up your minds, guys.

But the best part of all is the wonder Bounds claims to have about Georgia’s loss to Georgia Tech last year.  Now, again, there’s no question that Richt’s call to squib kick was boneheaded and he was properly rewarded for it.  But hilarity ensues over Bounds marveling at Georgia ever losing to the Jackets, getting Bartoo to estimate Georgia should win about 90% of the time… and simply failing to acknowledge Richt’s 12-2 record against Georgia Tech.

Like I said, there’s legitimate stuff to knock Richt about.  But when you’re trying that hard, you kind of defeat your own purpose.

Better luck with the next guest, Bo.


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44 responses to “Bo Bounds knows Georgia football, or at least he’s sure he does.

  1. Smitty

    Never heard of Bo Bounds and I’ve been a college football fan my whole life.


  2. AusDawg85

    Well now we know the identity of Bulldawg165.


  3. Kevin

    Who is Bo Bounds?


    • Russ

      Exactly. Never heard of this guy and it seems like it should stay that way.

      I guess we should be happy that he got off of GTP and moved out of his mother’s basement.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Everyone knows I’m not a great fan of Richt, but it somehow bothers me to hear criticism from outside the Dawg nation. I guess it’s like I know my baby’s ugly, but you can’t say it.


  5. Silver Britches

    Words I live by: Never worry about what a sports talk radio host in Mississippi says. I bet he doesn’t have half the traffic of GTP.

    Dawgs should beat Tech 90% of the time? Hell, Richt only beats them 85.7% of the time. I suppose that’s technically underachieving.


    • He’s won a 100% of the games played on Mark Richt Field


      • Mayor

        Bartoo is FOS about Georgia’s upsets. The biggest ones almost always are on the road. Okie State 2009, UT 2009, South Carolina 2010, Colorado 2010, Missy State 2010, South Carolina 2012, Clemson 2013, Vandy 2013, South Carolina 2014–all on the road. Did Georgia lose some in Athens during that time, too. Yes. But I would argue those home losses weren’t really upsets, they were just losses to better teams. Georgia Tech 2014 (finished the season 11-3 and won the ACC Coastal Division, plus finished ranked higher than the Dawgs)–not an upset. LSU 2009–a theft by the refs to be sure but LSU also finished ranked higher–not an upset. Arky 2010 (finished 10-3)–not an upset. South Carolina 2011 (11-2)–not an upset. Mizzou 2013 (finished 12-2 and won the SEC East)–not an upset. South Carolina 2013 (finished 11-2)–not an upset. Just because Georgia loses a home game once in a while does not mean the Dawgs are getting upset if the team they lost to is a better team that particular season. Bartoo and this Bounds character have some sort of ax to grind with CMR personally like some insult either real or imagined. This type of superficial analysis leading to BS conclusions also really irks me whether it is about the Dawgs or about football generally. How do dopes like this get jobs as “reporters” in sports? More importantly, how do they keep them?


        • Mayor

          I would add that once in a while the Dawgs DO get upset at home(like UK 2009) but it is very infrequent. In fact, a recent survey I saw on the web had Sanford Stadium rated in the top 10 most difficult places to play in the nation.


          • Well Mayor… all I can add is well done sir. Indeed. And much appreciated by yours truly.


          • Will (The Other One)

            I’d say the NATS win was an upset. Their D was pretty bad and not even topping 30 points on them was a horrible way for Bobo to go out on (the rest of the season was excellent). Don’t forget Tech got to face a Watson-less Clemson, barely beat GA Southern at home, was spotted a 28 point lead vs. Pitt halfway through the first quarter, and lost to Duke. It shouldn’t have come down to a squib kick. But two trips inside the 5 ending in TOs instead of any points doomed us.


            • John Dewberry

              Hey….You’re preaching to the choir about the NATS being little brother to the Dawgs in this state. But last year they had their best team under FishFry IMHO and did manage to finish the season ranked higher than the Dawgs. Should we have won the game? Yes, IMHO (decorum prohibits me from discussing why the game was lost). But in hindsight the game was a toss-up and 11-3 Georgia Tech winning it wasn’t an upset.



    Should Auburn ever lose to GT?


    • Silver Britches

      By this dipshit’s logic, Auburn should never lose to us because we’re a “passive and soft” fanbase.

      Richt is 9-5 vs. Auburn.


  7. When will Bo Bounds become a regular guest on here Bill Shanks Show?


  8. Careful Brad

    Why doesn’t Bounds stick to that underachieving recruiting machine in his home state? How did that bowl game turn out for the Rebels?


  9. 3rdandGrantham

    Watch the game last night SB? What an unbelievable turnaround after the team was left for dead near the end of the year. Glad to see the staff rewarded after years of hard work building the program for literally nothing.

    Anyway, I somewhat touched on this the other day, but who gives a flying rip what some talk show host in Mississippi says. Especially one named Bo Bounds. About a month ago I was in the heart of D.C. for a business meeting, and as I was walking down the street, a panhandler asked me for money. I ignored him, and as I walked past, he started screaming that I was a SOB, along with other things that basically would lead to you getting your ass kicked if you said them to random people in a bar late night.

    I know this is stating the obvious, but it would have been utterly pointless for me to stop and argue with the guy. With that said, that’s basically how I feel about ol’ Bo; just ignore him, and let him stammer away on his 100 watt radio station or podcast that attracts less viewers than a Golden Girls rerun on Lifetime.

    Oh, in case you’re wondering, I’m not equating Bo Bounds with a homeless person. After all, the small space the homeless guy occupied is probably worth roughly the size of 10 Miss. counties, so I’ll give him the nod over Bo and place him just a bit higher up on the proverbial totem pole.


    • DC Weez

      Loved the game, 3d. Great win!


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Yep! Love the staff—I used to live across the street from one of the coaches, and the stories he would tell me from when they first arrived were just insane. For example, they spent their first few months in C’ville living out of a Residence Inn, while basically wondering what on earth they got themselves into. The program itself was in complete shambles with a joke of a budget, and they often wondered if they’d ever be able to just be a mediocre ACC program.

        Fast forward to today, and they’re one of the very best programs in the country. Those dudes deserve it.


  10. 81Dog

    I subscribe to a theory popular with rap mogul Jay Z: Never beef down.

    Who give’s a rat’s hindquarters what some doofus in Mississippi thinks about UGA, Mark Richt, or anything? I’d rather be living out of a dumpster in Athens, GA than be the most highly regarded resident of the whole state of Mississippi.


  11. Irwin R. Fletcher

    How many teams would be picked last with @15_DakP returning? National media picking #HailState 7th in #SEC W.— Out of Bounds (@bobounds) June 25, 2015

    I assume it’s because MSU gave up half a hundred to the same Georgia Tech team that Georgia should never lose to, right?


    • D.N. Nation

      State had a month to prepare for that game, and came out looking like they didn’t realize what offense Trek would run.

      But hey, Mullen looked pretty funny in those Christmas sweaters. Win at memes, State!


  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Tilting at windbags has proven to be, over time, pointless.


  13. Even if Richt and the Dawgs win the NC this coming season, his critics will just say, “It’s not enough to prove he is not underachieving, he needs 2 more NC wins and on and on”, LOL


  14. Macallanlover

    What next? And analyst from Vandy talking smack? This guy must have low self esteem to continually draw attention to his incompetency. How long has it been since the Rebels won a conference title, or even played for one? Or finished in the Top 10? Richt has finished in the Top 10 six times, doesn’t that exceed the entire history of Ole Miss football?