If he had to do it over again…

Agent Muschamp never would have gone with the decided schematic advantage.

Will Muschamp expressed some regret about his time at Florida when he was introduced as South Carolina’s new football coach.

Apparently, much of that regret has to do with former Gators offensive coordinator and Cleveland Browns assistant Kurt Roper.

Roper was pegged to be the Gamecocks’ offensive coordinator and served in the same capacity for the Gators under Muschamp in his final season in 2014,

If Muschamp had made that move sooner, he believes he could still potentially be at Florida.

“I feel like, if I’d hired Kurt in my first year at Florida,” Muschamp told Sirius XM College Sports Nation. “I’d probably still be there. That’s the confidence I have in him moving forward. I think he’s just an outstanding football coach.”

And in Boom’s eyes, Roper’s better than ever!  Why?

“Up-tempo, on the ball, he’s got some new ideas from working in the NFL this year that I’m excited about as well,” Muschamp said.

Yeah, that’s a guarantee of success right there.


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20 responses to “If he had to do it over again…

  1. Back9k9

    If… If… If…
    Seems like Coach Boom always regretting stuff from his prior life like the “temporary insanity” of being a Dawg. Can’t wait until he’s introduced at his next job and shares his regrets from Columbia (east).


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Not sure what he learned in Cleveland this year, but it couldn’t have much to do with scoring points.



  3. Mayor

    Roper=Schotty redux.


  4. UFTimmy

    Statistically, the year under Weis was the only even average year the UF offense has had since Tebow.


  5. Walt

    The Browns are a freaking offensive powerhouse. That Bernie Kosar is awesome.


  6. Skeptic Dawg

    Those NFL coordinators are a smashing success in the college game. Am I right Mark, or am I right? Mark? Where did you go Mark? Anyways, like I was saying, can’t go wrong with an NFL coordinator in college.

    Too soon?


  7. CannonDawg

    It’s not widely known (and I only got this little morsel because I’m a friend of a friend of Mr. InterCollegiate Football himself) but South Carolina was all set to hire Larry Culpepper as their head coach until they balked at the last minute at the $2.75M buyout of Culpepper’s contract with Dr. Pepper. As you probably know, Culpepper invented the acclaimed Tulsa Two defense, and his innovations have been seen by national television audiences recently. Culpepper also invented the Early Admissions Program for high school seniors like Jacob Eason, who, incidentally, Culpepper tutored. His would have been a groundbreaking hire, and the Cocks hired Boom only when Larry Culpepper was off the market.

    Thought you guys would want that little piece of clarity.


  8. RugbyDawg79

    Roper was good at Duke before he went to fla


    • DugLite

      Roper was good at overseeing Cutcliffe’s offense at Duke.


      • Mayor

        ^^This. And this is why I am fearful of the Kirby Smart hire. Who was the real DC at Bama? Nick Saban, that’s who. Not Kirby Smart who just “oversaw” Saban’s defense at Bama.


        • Right, that is the elephant in the room. But hell, I don’t want to talk about it either. Let’s enjoy our pre season optimism and hope there is good reason for it.


        • dawgtired

          Mayor, this is what I have been saying. I fear the D at Bama was just plug-and-play for Smart. But, the hire has been made so we’ll just have to wait and see. If he can pass the DC torch to a comparable coach who can in turn plug in the “Bama-D” system while KS learns CEO roles, then all may be good…on the defensive side anyway.


          • If it was plug and play, why not just stick anyone in there for the playoffs? Either Saban respects Smarts coaching chops or he is undermining Georgia’s coaching hire. It could be either or both I guess.


        • sniffer

          Mayor, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Saban hasn’t called a defensive play in years. Does he listen closely to Kirby’s play calls? Of course. And he may, occasionally, override the call, but it’s doubtful that happens often. Let me put this in context. Saban is just as involved in his defense as Richt has been in his offense. In other words, only to a point.